Want a label?

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beers 1188 º places 80 º 01:11 Sun 6/10/2012

Wow, good job.

beers 2165 º places 63 º 12:53 Sun 6/10/2012

I blogged it here.

As I mentioned in the blog, if you want to contact Patrick for design, graphics, photography work, just scan the QR code on the back of the bottle. It works. Or contact him at:

beers 8 º 13:33 Sun 6/10/2012

Thanks for the plug, man! Really appreciate it.

And I had no idea the QR code would photograph well enough to actually work, haha. Thatís very cool. And Iíll be posting pics of the porter in just a bit. Was going to shoot it last night, but had to peel some bottle labels to make it nice and matching.

beers 8 º 15:23 Sun 6/10/2012

Some Chipotle Imperial Robust Porter shots.

Personally, Iím really pleased with how this one came out. Kind of hard to photograph, though, sine it wraps so far around the bottle.

beers 8 º 15:25 Sun 6/10/2012

And a sort of glory shot of both designs.


Does a pretty good job of illustrating how they tie into each other, though pretty different in feel/impact individually.

beers 6090 º places 385 º 15:35 Sun 6/10/2012

Both labels look great. Good work.

beers 3206 º places 63 º 16:07 Sun 6/10/2012

Wow love the rustic woodblock look to these. Great job, these are very appealing to me and Im a beer label snob that went to ahht skool !

beers 8 º 16:39 Sun 6/10/2012

Thanks, guys. And, yeah, Iím a bit of a label snob, myself. Though, I try not to be. I sometimes wonder how many bad beers Iíve drank due to a good label and how many good beers Iíve passed up due to an awful label... you canít judge a book by its cover, but a good cover goes a long way, IMO. :P That being said, Russian River uses Comic Sans... haha...

beers 8 º 01:04 Sat 6/16/2012

Mentioned I was making some logo concepts for a local club. Donít know if theyíll use either or if Iíll be involved at all in the end, but thought Iíd share for anyone thatís curious.


As for those that are still waiting to hear back on messages they sent, I WILL get back to you. Itís just been a hectic week.

beers 8 º 16:19 Sun 7/1/2012

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