Weekend in Belgium...suggested itinerary?

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Iím going to be visiting London for work and managed to get a jumper flight over to Brussels on an upcoming Friday morning-Sunday night, giving me two and a half days to soak in some beer culture and the countryside.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an itinerary? Iíd assume weíre going to rent a car and get out of Brussels, if needed.

beers 50 º places 79 º 22:39 Mon 6/4/2012

you want to do breweries, bottle shops or pubs? cities or just countryside?

Brussels isnít very beautifull. But it has its good sides, and you lack a lot of time... Iíd say: only do Brussels, do Gent, Brugge and antwerp later on on a second trip. in Brussels, Cantillon is a must see. Pubwise you canít go wrong with Moeder Lambic Fontainas.See the citry centre, lots of great musea

take the bus to the Payottenland (at Brussels Midi, donít know the bus number exactly) Gooik (De Cam) is beautifull, as is Beersel (Oud Beersel+Drie Fonteinen). In Alsemberg there is thevisitors centre for the Lambik, which has gotnice staff and also gives maps of the surrounding countryside. I would suggest walking to Dworp (Hanssens), a very nice walk. Cafť de Zwaan is worth it. Eat in Denderleeuw at De Heeren van Liedekercke

contact the breweries in advance, although Cantillon should never be a problem


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De Heeren van Liedekercke, cant recommend this place enough for food and beer. lovely.

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Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities Iíve visited and itís also a great beer destination, and so Antwerpen. Also Bruxelles for Moeder Lambic, Cantillon and the close 3Fonteinen and DHVL.

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Friday: Brussels: Cantillon, Moeder Lambic, Delirium, Bier Circus.
Saturday: RENT A CAR; West Vlaanderen: Westvleteren, Struise Oud Schooltje, De Bistronoom and ít Botteltje (dontít forget to make a reservation + book a nice little hotel somewhere in Ostend so you wonít have to drive afterwards)
Sunday: BY THAT SAME CAR: visit Bruges (not for the beer, just because itís nice), De Heeren van Liedekercke.

I think that if you do this, you wonít regret your stay in Belgium :p

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Mathieu87ís intinerary sounds good, though I have only been to Wesvleteren on his Sat list. My top recommendations for Belgium are DHVL, Cantillon, Moeder Lambic, Hoppy Loft.

Bier Circus was nice, i also quite enjoy ít Spinnekopke but more for the food than the beer.

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Bruges. there is a lot to see and there is a lot of good beer.

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Pick up growlers of beer at Cantillon.

beers 50 º places 79 º 15:26 Tue 6/5/2012

... which Cantillon does not do.

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Mathieuís itinerary is actually pretty epic, though I have a couple of qualms with his Sunday plan. For one Iím pretty sure Bruges is quite the jont by car from Brussels, and two if youíre near Brussels on Sunday you should probably go to Grote Dorst.

beers 2338 º places 93 º 15:53 Tue 6/5/2012

Originally posted by rotjoch
... which Cantillon does not do.

You might want to troll the forums for a few more weeks to pick up on peopleís personalities before you respond to a possibly sarcastic post (pepsiedcan). Now you just look the fool