What 5 liter mini kegs are available?

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beers 268 º places 5 º 05:19 Tue 12/26/2006

My wife got me a cooler that holds 5 liter mini kegs as well as a mini keg of Warsteiner for Christmas. I am curious who all offers their beer in 5L mini kegs and if their are any websites I could order from. I love that she supports my beer drinking but I’m afraid it may be of limited use due to availability of 5L minikegs. I would love to here from any other 5L mini keggers out there. If anyone is in Vegas come by and help me finish this thing, a minikeg is like thirteen 12oz beers and you need to finish it in a day or two before it goes flat.

beers 8020 º places 292 º 07:47 Tue 12/26/2006

I few I’ve had:
Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier
EKU Pils
Kulmbacher Edelherb

beers 1095 º places 32 º 07:55 Tue 12/26/2006

Kapuziner Hefe Weizen, Monkschoff Schwarzbier, DAB, Coors Light, as well as the one’s listed above are the one’s I’ve seen.

Ask your local retailer/beer store what he can get for you.

On a side note, a friend of mine’s wife asked me about the same thing your wife got you! I steered her away from it for one of the same reasons you stated. Lots of beer, not a lot of time to be able to drink it without going stale.


beers 10880 º places 12 º 09:20 Tue 12/26/2006

I’ve seen some small breweries/brewpubs use these like Old Hickory in NC and Gritty’s in ME.

Time to setup some trades!

beers 1111 º places 27 º 10:26 Tue 12/26/2006

I have a gallon cask of Fyne Ales Porter in my garage not a clue where you would get one online though

You can buy Shlenkerla Rauchbier ’Party Kegs’ from the brewery website haha, I can’t even imagine how smelly a rauchbier party would be, and how few women would attend, would be nice to have a keg to oneself though

beers 467 º places 21 º 17:30 Tue 12/26/2006

Reisdorf and Stiegl are doing 5 liter cans, too.

beers 5073 º places 31 º 17:34 Tue 12/26/2006

I’ve seen Schlenkerla in 5 liter kegs as well. Not sure on the urbock, but pretty sure about the marzen and weizen. I would get that first if possible since you have rated the urbock highly.

beers 1192 º places 5 º 18:13 Tue 12/26/2006

Bells Oberon has 5 liter pony kegs.

beers 318 º places 15 º 18:27 Tue 12/26/2006

For our Christmas party we had a 2 year old 5L of Church Brew Works Millenium Trippel, and it was delicious! They also do their Pious Monk in the 5L kegs.

beers 33 º 22:19 Tue 12/26/2006
beers 268 º places 5 º 07:02 Thu 12/28/2006

Thanks to all for their input. I was glad to see Schlenkerla as an available 5L, if I can only find some.

Happy New Year everyone,