What are HBC hops?

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I know they are individual and unnamed hop varieties. Amager did 3 single hop IPAs with HBC342, HBC436 and HBC517.

Brewdog did their IPA is Dead HBC.

Now Kernel are using them - HBC429 in a Pale Ale with Motueka. Now HBC291 in the latest Table Beer.

Random questions-

What does HBC mean? Does it denote some biological or heredity relationship between the hops. Is it an international standard? Or maybe the name of the grower?

Anyone know what varietal number Brewdog used on their one? Perhaps a blend?

What does HBC429 and HBC291 bring in terms of flavour? Can find nowt on the interweb. Iíve not tried the 291 yet but I got the impression that 429 bought a creamy sweetness that I didnít think was malt derived. Now that may sound counter intuitive but I believe there is a hop in development that brings coconut and chocolate flavours so we may all have to adjust our palates if these sort of hops reach market!

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Hop breeding company

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Ah - cool! Cheers! So Citra was an HBC hop and so was Mosaic. These HBC hops to be taken very seriously methinks!

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A likkle bump in case our pro brewers have owt to sdd.

01:38 Tue 8/20/2013

Arenít they just new experimental varieties that are yet to be given a name. HBCNNN is just a code given to them by HBC so they can be identified.

The HBC in IPA is Dead was Mosaic. (At least thatís what one of the Brewdog bar blokes told me). It isnít really a recent thing either, Simcoe had an HBC number when Russian River first started using it too.

02:09 Tue 8/20/2013

Correct they are all just test hops. We had about 5 or 6 different ones at Fano one of which became mosaic.

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Weíll not know until the testing is finished and then weíll get a name. Only a very small amount of test hops are eventually continuous hops used by breweries.

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I think they are fascinating. To think Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic started life as HBC numbers. Who knows whatís next?