What are your favorite recipes that use beer?

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beers 120 º places 3 º 08:44 Mon 6/24/2013

If you want recipes that incorporate beer then look no further then The Beeroness. Everything on her website is awesome and she has a book out soon.


beers 1678 º places 45 º 19:51 Fri 6/28/2013

Carbonnade. One word, so much flavor and aroma. Try a strong dark Belgian Ale.

beers 396 º places 16 º 17:35 Sun 6/30/2013

This is my favorite beer-centric recipe: http://www.ratebeer.com/forums/beer-and-braising_200010.htm

beers 1627 º places 156 º 06:35 Mon 7/8/2013

Steak n Ale pie followed by stout ice cream

beers 1288 º places 226 º 23:26 Tue 7/16/2013

Chili with habanero and beer