What beer goes with tomato sauce.

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Originally posted by pinkie
How come no one has said any italian beers like nostra azura ( if I got it wrong please don't notice) or moretti or peroni? I'm just curious?

Nastro Azzurro is Perroni. Its total lack of bitterness and light biscuit malt make it as inoffensive as table bread washed down with sparkling mineral water.

For more flavor, I'd like the dark 'bready' beers the guys mentioned above. Sinha Lion Stout.

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Originally posted by pinkie
I went to the store today to pick up a wine that would bridge the gap between the beef and the sweet italian saussage. I came home with a bottle I have to tell you about. (just in case there are other cooks here=) It's ridiculously cheap, rated 90, and it's from 70 year old Spanish vines. It's a red granache so it's sweet. It's called Evodia Altovinum. It's ruby red, velvety smooth and supple like burgundy, has a slight smokiness and mineral quality from the 70 year old vines but it DOESN't have the tart ping of a cabernet or the grainy robust texture of a chianti riserva. OMG I'm drinking it now. Really good in the sauce.


Mille grazie a tutti for the beer parings.

Wonder was that the same Evodia ive had, blue label? Won best old world wine in Irelands gold star awards, fantastic wine.

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Originally posted by fiulijn
Even before reading the Swedish replies above, I was expecting an answer about Saison (which I would consider for the tomato sauce); while I would have preferred a more robust and malty beer for the bolognese sauce, as suggested by Danko

But now, thinking again, I would suggest my go-to beer with anything: Schelkerla Märzen

That Marzen is my burger beer, excellent with a grilled quarter pounder and cheese :)

For bolognese my pairing would be a porter, (not to sure if anyone agrees with that but was fantastic when i tried it), had Knockmedown porter for 8 degrees and then something with a little more body in Gonzo from flying dog. Perfection for me :)

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..Can we really be to page 3 without a Pizza Beer reference yet??