What did you make to go with that beer?

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beers 470 º places 10 º 13:30 Thu 3/21/2013

I tried my first sour today. Squatters Fifth Element and here is what I made with it. Simple. Easy and very complimentary.

Lemon-thyme roasted chicken with rosemary new potatoes.

Take some fresh thyme a good 2 tablespoons or more, and combine it with about 2 TBSP olive oil, lots of fresh ground pepper and zest and juice of one whole lemon. Take a 5 lb roaster and rub with salt then rub with the lemon thyme rub. Into the cavity with plenty of peeled cloves of garlic and the spent lemon, couple of sprigs of thyme and at least one sprig of rosemary. Into a preheated 350 oven, covered, don’t touch it. Don’t peek don’t check on it until it’s done. 20 minutes per pound and a little more. When it’s falling off the bone raise the heat to 425, uncover it and brown the skin. Remove from oven, baste and cover it until it sets. Those cloves of garlic will be so damn delicious- smash them with a little salt and cream if you want to get fancy and onto some crusty bread with them.

For the potatoes, when you raise that oven put in a glass baking dish to preheat. Take some new ( I used white and sliced) potatoes and some chopped fresh rosemary and coat those potatoes with the rosemary, olive oil and salt. Roast at 425 until done. Make gravy with the pan drippings by adding a little cornstarch. Add a salad.

Goes great with The Fifth Element and couldn’t be tastier.


beers 1589 º places 63 º 13:36 Thu 3/21/2013

Sounds like a good pairing to go with the squatters. I would have added some rice vinegar to the potatoes to really make them pop. Perhaps the beer would have worked well in place of rice vinegar? Something to try for next time. Now I’m hungry.

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beers 6599 º places 259 º 07:44 Fri 3/22/2013

Martinus once incidentally, during a tasting and bbq, marinated bbq meat in that Rogue Voodoo Bacon Porter (rose bottle) beer. Than after it was treated on the bbq it was damn tasty!

beers 470 º places 10 º 03:22 Sat 3/23/2013

Ok so for the salad I finally decided on asparagus and orange-- really simple just blanch the asparagus use the tips only, orange which will be a nice sweetness against the sour beer, tomato and romaine. For my dressing I used a little evoo, sherry vinegar and I always squeeze in a little of the citrus juice I am using.