What Happened to "Trades" Link?

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places 1 º 08:57 Thu 9/13/2012

Not sure if Iím going blind, or if the "Trades" link that shows peopleís trade history has been removed?

look in the beer cellar, there will be a trades tab.

beers 827 º places 13 º 08:58 Thu 9/13/2012
beers 4184 º places 75 º 08:58 Thu 9/13/2012

Youíll find it atop the users Cellar.

beers 1381 º places 106 º 08:59 Thu 9/13/2012

Trade history is now located on your beer cellar tab.

places 1 º 09:02 Thu 9/13/2012

thanks guys

beers 2073 º places 59 º 16:13 Thu 9/13/2012

It wasnít broke, didnít need to be fixed!

beers 321 º places 15 º 18:53 Thu 9/13/2012

Originally posted by mcox90
It wasnít broke, didnít need to be fixed!

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