What is the best macro beer in the world?

Reads 7245 • Replies 59 • Started Friday, April 27, 2012 7:11:38 PM CT

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beers 1936 º places 35 º 19:11 Fri 4/27/2012

By macro, I mean a beer brewed by AB/InBev, SABMiller or MolsonCoors.

My vote goes to Hoegaarden. 94 overall, 99 for the style, affordable and available year round, around the world.

Your choice?

beers 10017 º places 672 º 19:14 Fri 4/27/2012

Good choice. Yuengling Porter?

beers 17264 º places 515 º 19:16 Fri 4/27/2012

I remember the days when Hoegaarden wasn’t owned by INBEV and was much better. Or maybe my palate changed. Either way, I loved Hoegaarden back then. It’s still decent but not as good.

beers 1936 º places 35 º 19:19 Fri 4/27/2012

Originally posted by GT2
Good choice. Yuengling Porter?

R u joking or wat?

beers 256 º places 14 º 19:30 Fri 4/27/2012

I will agree with Hoegaarden.

beers 3185 º places 13 º 19:42 Fri 4/27/2012

Pilsner Urquell

beers 18756 º places 832 º 19:43 Fri 4/27/2012

Lion Stout or some of the FES versions are solid, certainly among the best regularly-available macrobrews.

beers 396 º places 16 º 19:43 Fri 4/27/2012


beers 9691 º places 212 º 19:45 Fri 4/27/2012

Bud Light Tall Boys

beers 1271 º places 40 º 19:48 Fri 4/27/2012

Bourbon County Stout

Bill Becker
beers 1773 º places 18 º 19:55 Fri 4/27/2012

I’d go with Schlitz Gusto or Olympia 95% Malt from the US. Imported...let me think on that.