What is the best value high-ABV beer?

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Although I love almost any stout, a stronger indicator of my preference in a beer will be high ABV. The higher the ABV, the more I like it. I usually will drink any style of beer with the word "Imperial" on the label because they tend to have a higher ABV.

I also do not like to spend money on beer. High ABV beers tend to be more expensive. So what is the cheapest high ABV beer you know of? Over 10% is preferred, but anything over 8% will do if its cheap enough.

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Pretty sure it’s less than $1 for a 24oz can. It’ll get ya drunk.

beers 9549 º places 536 º 12:32 Mon 8/16/2010

Depends on what you call "value" - but this garbage is 12% and costs about 79 cents for a 24 oz can.


beers 353 º places 60 º 12:34 Mon 8/16/2010

back to the gas station...

beers 1589 º places 63 º 12:36 Mon 8/16/2010

Originally posted by billk
back to the gas station...

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In somewhat seriousness, anything from Lagunitas.

12:39 Mon 8/16/2010

Baltika 9 is like $2.50 for a giant 50oz plastic bottle.

beers 25987 º places 403 º 12:41 Mon 8/16/2010

westveletern 12 10.8% and only E1.58 (~$2)

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I remember Crucial Brew from my teenager underage drinking days and also Kestrel ’Black Can’ it may have been called Kestrel Super Strength, oh they still produce the latter I have just found it see link below. I doubt that Crucial Brew is produced anymore but I suppose its equivalent would be Carlsberg Special Brew 9% and available here in the UK for £1.54 at Tesco and Sainsburys in a 500ml can if purchased in a 4 pack, its commonly regarded as the choice drink of a tramp over here, (tramp juice) but seems to be slightly better regarded than some that have been posted already.



I suppose it would be interesting to find the cheapest but most highly regarded rocket fuel.

Carlsberg is WEIGHTED AVG: 1.94 at £1.54 a can

beers 2178 º places 25 º 12:56 Mon 8/16/2010

Expedition, if quality counts toward value.