What to pair with wild duck?

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Was green bean casserole a side dish?

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I slow cooked a duck once on the stove top--in a dutch oven. I drowned it in 4 cups of chicken broth and 3 cups of bourbon whiskey. Simmered it for 45 minuets and then let it stand (in the liquids) for another half hour. Served up very tasty. I’d probably pair that with a big barrel aged barley wine.

Did it taste just like overcooked chicken or turkey....you know...like all stringy andndry?

It was somewhat stringy, but the fat from the duck kept it from getting dry and the bourbon gave it a unique drunken flavor.

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There’s recipes for braised duck. But in many recipes you have to disjoint and prepare white and dark meat separately for different cooking times, I believe. Who likes a whole roasted duck with tough dry breast meat, mmm no thanks.

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A proper duck has to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Anything else is unthinkable and borderline barbarism. Plus, you are obligated to utilize the rendered duck fat in future meals.

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Wild duck is hard to cook without being dry, it is nothing like domesticated duck. one of the best I have had was cooked in a crockpot with cream of asparagus soup

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There is only one correct beer here.
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog.

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crockpot should keep it nice or an ovenbag...in which it braises!

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Why is duck $12.95 a pound when chicken is so much less? They eat the same things.

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Originally posted by pinkie
Why is duck $12.95 a pound when chicken is so much less? They eat the same things.

Perception. People see duck as exotic. Same reason chefs can charge people $40 for a small plate of garbage animal parts you can get at your butcher for $1 a pound.

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Totally depends on how you are preparing it. Sauces? Spicing? Etc.... But, my ultimate recommendation would be a red wine anyway - why ruin beer by pairing it w/ a food? ;)

+1. Accoutrements are very important to pairing. However, on a basic level most posts so far I would totally agree with, especially Nightfall’s.