What ya got brewing?

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Originally posted by drewbeerme
Originally posted by wnoble
Originally posted by drewbeerme
On tap is 100% mosaic hop ipa, black ipa, and a nelson dry hopped saison. Up next is another ipa and a hoppy tripel fermented with 3711. Brewing a SMaSH Kolsch tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the mosaic?

Big fan. Lots of mango and papaya, it reminds me of citra. It's a fine bittering hop but why waste the tropical fruit character so use it in late and dry hop additions.

I'll vouch for Drew's Mosaic beer. It's fantastic. Great hop.

beers 3438 º places 209 º 07:31 Fri 1/25/2013

Later today I'll be brewing my first IPA in 2 years. No bittering addition (unless you consider First Wort Hop a bittering addition), Mostly Simcoe & Citra, along with a fair amount of Ahtanum to round it out. All additions at 15 and less (except the FWH). ~100 theoretical IBUs.

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Rocking what I believe is supposed to be a Zombie Dust clone for my first brew ever (brewshop recipe called it Hop Zombie). I'm sure I screwed it up, but hey it's approaching dry hop time so we'll have to wait and see!

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Double IPA,

90% 2-row
4% Munich I
4% Carafoam
2% Crystal 45

Chinook for bittering, Galaxy at 15 and Whirlpool, Centennial dry hop. ~100 theoretical IBUs, 21P.

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I only have the second carboy of barleywine that I brewed around Thanksgiving waiting patiently for a keg to become available.

Have all the ingredients ready to go to make a hop bomb ipa as soon as the weather cooperates and I have a free day.

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I've got a Bell's Two Hearted Clone sitting about 3 days after boil. My first dry hopped experiment!

beers 2165 º places 63 º 12:06 Sun 2/17/2013

Lots of experimental stuff:
Sour mash Flanders Red brewed Jan 7, 2013.
Smoked Doppelbock brewed Jan 26, 2013.
Super Galena DIPA brewed Feb 2, 2013.
Belle Saison brewed Feb 10, 2013.

Or at least they're experimental for me.
Each has a unique ingredient or process that I haven't tried before

beers 1024 º places 31 º 12:08 Sun 2/17/2013

Got a 1000 liter batch of rye-IPA fermenting right now

beers 3920 º places 1 º 13:51 Sun 2/17/2013

Nelson Sauvin IPA. About 12oz of Nelson throughout the process (5gal).

beers 865 º places 25 º 15:10 Sun 2/17/2013

I have a pale sour that I made about 3 months ago, a hoppy imperial stout about 3 weeks old,a Belgian pale ale fermenting that I brewed Friday and a mosaic pale ale planned for later in the week.

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