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beers 11069 º places 430 º 09:07 Tue 8/11/2015

I need to get more yeast. I was out of town when mine was delivered and I forgot to alert Mrs. Owl. So all of my yeast sat out on the west side of my house for a couple/few days. It was one Wyeast pack and one of WL’s new packs and they were both swelled up a ton. Not going to risk that, I’m afraid.

beers 3095 º places 108 º 07:23 Sun 8/16/2015

A friend and I made separate version of the Pilot This competition from Cigar City/Vetter brew. Basically, they give you a set amount of grain, hops and yeast and you have to make whatever beer you want. You can subtract ingredients, but you can’t add. My friend made a 3 gallon DIPA and I made a standard IPA. Cool concept and you get to try some neat new hops. http://www.vetterbrew.com/pilot-thistrade.html

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