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beers 5000 º places 92 º 10:42 Tue 3/31/2015

Originally posted by GarethYoung
Originally posted by VsXsV
The Florida Weisse I mentioned earlier has not really gone according to plan. pH only got down to 3.7 before I killed of the lacto (there wasn’t any activity and hardly any sugar left anyway) with a boil and now it’s sitting at 1008. Would ideally like it to drop a point or two more. Anyway, we’re adding fruit to it tomorrow. Leaning towards passion fruit, raspberries, lime and mint leaves. Kind of mojito inspired, even if I’ll be careful with the mint, should only be more of a hint. Also planning to add a bit of lactic acid to it in order to get the pH down a bit. A fake sour in the end really.

If you don’t want to go fake, you could do a small batch of a few litres (either a small mash or extract), then stick in a handful of grain or some lactobacillus, and keep it very warm until it gets very sour, then boil to sterilise and blend with your main batch. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of days if the temperature is high and there’s a decent amount of lacto. Just a thought.

That’s an interesting idea. I’ve thought about doing a lacto starter from grain and pitching it and fermenting down the last few points, but your idea would save me from contaminating my Cornelius keg (which was a big pet peeve for me). The whole reason why things didn’t work out was probably because White Labs, for some reason, adds a little bit of ale yeast to their Lactobacillus Clausenii tubes. Idiotic.

beers 2166 º places 63 º 18:28 Sat 4/11/2015

Currently fermenting an apple cider. Up next weekend: Pumpkin Peach Saison.

beers 1111 º places 27 º 04:48 Wed 4/15/2015

Originally posted by GarethYoung
My strong, dark sour isn’t off to a great start. Rodenbach Vintage doesn’t contain any yeast, the Struise Ypres was a bit rubbish, so I dumped the dregs. I’m trying to culture the Rodenbach Character Rouge dregs but there doesn’t seem to be much activity after 7 days. Going to leave it and see what happens, but if it doesn’t work, I’m going to have to look elsewhere for bugs.

I have a lot of stuff cultured but it’s mostly for saisons and pale, funky sours, so it’s not really the sort of funk I want in this beer. I want something more fruit forward. I might go with a vial of White Labs Flemish Sour blend and a vial of The Yeast Bay’s Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend, but I normally prefer to have at least some bottle dregs in addition to any commercial cultures I end up using.

Things are looking up for this beer now. It took a while, but the Character Rouge dregs got going enough that I stepped them up and let them ferment out. Smelling fantastic!

I’m now going to pitch a large starter containing a lot of De Dolle yeast, some Lochristi Brett Blend, White Labs Flemish Sour Blend, the Rodenbach culture and, maybe (depending on how it tastes), the dregs from a bottle of Crooked Stave Origins.

Just finalising the fermentables, which is probably going to be something like:

27% Maris Otter
27% Munich
27% Vienna
10% Dark Belgian Candi Syrup
5% Special B
5% Wheat Malt

Aiming for a pretty high OG. Maybe as high as 1.100, maybe not. After primary fermentation has finished, I’ll add an oak spiral soaked in a bottle of red wine. A red Pinot Noir from Burgundy seems more in keeping with the Flemish-style bit, but I wonder if a nice, earthy Bordeaux might be better flavour-wise. I’ll probably go for the Bordeaux. You can get 2010 Chateau les Paruades quite cheap near me, and that might be a good fit. I’m 80% sure there’s some brett fermentation in it already.

Planning to leave the beer in primary for about 6 months, then bottle it and let it finish maturing there.

I’ll still probably put a demi-john’s-worth on morello cherries too.

beers 10312 º places 320 º 05:57 Wed 4/15/2015

I have a pale ale fermented with US-5 that is almost ready to dry-hop.

Than a SG 1096 imperial stout that I added on the US-05 slurry and that has been going for 5 days now. The plan is to add Mexican coffee beans to half of it. I don’t know anything about coffee, but the guy I’m brewing this with is a big fan and had some special extra-large beans or something. We’ll see.

There’s also a quetsch/mirabelle plum wine I made with my dad that has been sitting in his cellar for 9 months now. It was not good at all when it was young, not it’s slightly better but I fear I added to much of the quetsch plums. It’s too bitter and has some slightly rotten aromas.

beers 11069 º places 430 º 06:46 Wed 4/15/2015

Coconut Porter is on tap, going to make a strawberry margarita cider here soon, otherwise taking a break until I brew some stuff for my 30th birthday beach trip in June.

beers 1111 º places 27 º 06:57 Wed 4/15/2015

Originally posted by Maakun
There’s also a quetsch/mirabelle plum wine I made with my dad that has been sitting in his cellar for 9 months now. It was not good at all when it was young, not it’s slightly better but I fear I added to much of the quetsch plums. It’s too bitter and has some slightly rotten aromas.

The bitterness will be tannins from the plums skins. You need to keep contact time with the skins low to avoid this. Tannins can precipitate out with time. They can also be broken down into nice aromatic compounds(though I think this generally takes a very long time). If it was me, I’d pitch some brett and leave it longer to see if the tannins drop out and the brett clears up the aroma.

beers 10312 º places 320 º 07:17 Wed 4/15/2015

Thanks, I was thinking along those lines but not sure. I will pitch some brett for sure, thanks!

08:20 Wed 4/15/2015

Just brewed a red wine inspired sour beer. Munich, red wheat, caramunich, and special b in the mash along with ground fennel and cocoa powder. It will get red grape, black cherry, and blueberry concentrates along with D90 syrup and cocoa extract in the secondary.

beers 2166 º places 63 º 02:15 Fri 4/17/2015

This Saturday: FUAB Pumpkin Peach Saison.

beers 11069 º places 430 º 14:05 Sun 5/10/2015

Citra Pale Ale boiling away at the moment. Just a dash of Amarillo in there as well. Brewing a saison with lemongrass, ginger, and mint on Tuesday.

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