When did craft beer jump the shark?

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Originally posted by beastiefan2k
just a quick note, that is Ernest not me who wrote the article. I know shit about beer but I am really good at pretending.

Oops, I thought the post was from Ernest, my bad. I knew he wrote the article.

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Hung out with marc for the first time this weekend. Seemed like a pretty nice guy. Shared some awsome beers as well.

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Iím curious to know what role distributors and importers have had in the price increases. I know there are several limited release beers that come to the DC/MD/VA area which are marked up much higher than other neighboring markets, and the markups span all the stores in the area (e.g. Hopslam), so Iím assuming it happens on the distributor level. Iím all about supporting brewers and their products, but I donít believe in supporting an industry that has thrived on state laws and lobbyists keeping it in place (three tier system), especially when distributors and/or importers have exclusive rights to certain beers, and provide nothing unique to the industry.

FWIW, Iíve been on this site for close to 10 years now and have seen my own habits change from initially only buying beers that were rated highly here (the main reason I joined RateBeer) to seeking out every new beer I could find, trading and traveling included, to now realizing that there is little correlation between rarity or price and beer quality. Iíve found myself appreciating more of the old standbys that still retail for respectable prices and getting back into homebrewing more, which is what I was doing before I found RateBeer. I still enjoy trying new beers when they show up at the local store, but thankfully my smartphone allows me to perform a cost-benefit analysis of which ones are worth me purchasing (thank you RateBeer ratings !).

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I vote for me!

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All of the uber-expensive beers make me laugh. I can get a 750ml Rodenbach Grand Cru for 8 bucks. Iím not spending $40 on a sour beer that isnít really any better.

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Originally posted by BrewCrusader
All of the uber-expensive beers make me laugh. I can get a 750ml Rodenbach Grand Cru for 8 bucks. Iím not spending $40 on a sour beer that isnít really any better.

Itís not really fair to compare the beer cost of an established sour/lambic house like cantillon, 3font, etc. to a newer brewery. If itís a new brewery, they have a lot of overhead. If itís an existing brewery that is deciding to play with the style, the majority of time they will purchase a separate facility just to house their expansion and play around without risking their "bread and butter" beers.

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When everything became Imperial, Barrel Age, Quad, Triple, highest ABV, extreme everything, craft beer jumped the shark.

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Whether is has or not - I say cheers! And Happy Days...to all

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Iíve been drinking the $2.99 Smuttynose bombers that one of the local stores has had on closeout for the last couple weeks.

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