Where did you spend your money before craft beer?

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I don't know how much I spend on beer, not good at budgets. I use to eat out more, go out to bars until 2am more and spend money on useless stuff (more useless than beer).

What did you spend your beer money on?

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band equipment and touring. No longer spend much money on beer though.

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Originally posted by StFun

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CD's, concerts, and 20+ lagers/weekend going out.

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Books, music, and basketball trading cards. Still do. I can have four hobbies. ;)

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Originally posted by pepsican
No longer spend much money on beer though.

This for me as well, I probably only spend $8-$10 a week now.

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Softball equipment ($250-$400 bats), bars and anything I wanted. When I first started at RateBeer I would spend about $500 a month on beer, fests, and beer travel. Now that I am married and have two kids my beer budget has decreased substantially.

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Computer, Computer Gaming Components, PC Games.

DJ Equipment, Vinyl Orders from the UK and AUS.

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Big poker player here.

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I really don't know, but if I stopped now I could travel a lot.