Whiskey cake.

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beers 470 º places 10 º 11:42 Sat 3/30/2013

Ok the guys in OT-L asked me to give them my recipe for Nonna's whiskey cake but there isn't one. I went to make it and measure everything out so I could write it down and my son says; "Ma, you're whiskey cake is dry and would be better if it was chocolate." I blanched. Then I looked up this recipe from the New York Times. Of course this is not for tomorrow because we had to try it and see if the recipe was worthwhile. Came out good but soak it in whiskey (that means drizzle the top with at least 2 - 3 tablespoons of the whiskey, and then serve it with whipped or chantilly cream. Not for children. Happy Easter.


beers 470 º places 10 º 11:46 Sat 3/30/2013

Before you ask what happened to the top of the cake. A bottle of geuze did. I over filled the pan, then went back into the oven to remove a good portion of the batter after it had already started to bake. The top split and I had to cut off the over done part. I am going to cover that up anyway.

In the case of a cake that gets "ugly" on top for some reason you just take a sharp knife and carefully cut off the bad part and smooth out the rough edges. I removed everything hard and unattractive and then I had a more even surface. I could flip it over of course, to reveal a perfect underside and that can became the new "top" of the cake. All I have to do is get it to sit well on the plate. The cake is moist and rich with chocolate and boozy. I love it and no one can even see that I goofed.