Who makes the best American "Lambic"?

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So whether you should technically call it lambic or not, what other American brewers are making lambic? and who is doing the best job?

I think the obvious answer is Russian River with their Sonambic (Lambic) that makes Beatification (Geuze).

Other than them, I can only think of Upland, New Glarus, and now Southampton who have made a "lambic".

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Lost abbey and Isabelle Proximus is probably the best American lambic style beer Iíve had. Duck Duck Gooze isnít bad either.

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Are you defining it by spontaneous fermentation? or by tasting lambic-like?

Here are some breweries doing spontaneous fermentation: Allagash, Grey Parrot (not sure if they are still in business), Block 15, Midnight Sun.

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Yes, LA did a great job with Isabelle and DDG. It just has been a long time since theyíve made a lambic, Iím not sure I would say they make it anymore?

Also, I canít believe I forgot about Allagashís Coolship series. I know those are spontaneously fermented, but are they also brewed as a Lambic is?

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you mean like high portion of unmalted wheat, aged hops, a turbid mash, aged in spent barrels? If so Iím not sure.

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Jolly Pumpkin and New Glarus have made them, no?

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I havent had that many american lambic mikic beers, but when i hadd isabella recently, im pretty sure (without checking) that i said "this just is gueuze". I remember it being not only a legit lambic beer, but also a very beautiful approach. Id love to have the time and money to acquire some more of the top tier american attempts

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Doesnít the Bruery also have one ? GFAR ?

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Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic

By that I mean New Glarus Cran-bic.

15:56 Mon 4/2/2012

Originally posted by DA
Grey Parrot (not sure if they are still in business)

I hope they are. I really enjoyed the flemish red and it still is one of my favorite labels i have come across.

ISO: Grey Parrot

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Upland makes several good ones