Why are you NOT a pro brewer?

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Iíve had some damn good homebrews from RateBeer members, friends, family, etc.

My question is, why are you NOT a pro brewer?

Too much money?
Too much risk?
Donít know how to run a business?

Purely speculation, here.

places 1 º 06:41 Sat 2/11/2012

More to running a brewing business than just making beer.

I keep flirting with the idea, but with 2 little ones at home and a mortgage, I need the security of a steady paycheck and health care benefits. Half-assing it in my part time while ignoring my wife and kids is just not my way either.

In this current environment (in my area at least) of a crowded marketplace of a plethora of brands and the ticker type mentality of the drinkers in my area, its not the right time anyway. Iíll wait until after the next shakeout and the craft drinkers that are coming to the party because its trendy go away, I may take a look.

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Anyone else.

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It seems a lot of people I know are just happy to make good beer for them and their friends and theyíre okay with it. They donít want to mix business and pleasure and I respect that.

23:21 Sat 2/11/2012

Right now Iím just getting started so there is much learning to be had, Iím a perfectionist and wouldnít want to rush into anything before I have mastered the art and science. South Africa is definitely lacking in craft breweries, could use a few more good ones.

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Iím not rich

beers 336 º places 13 º 00:23 Sun 2/12/2012

Money and a crowded market driving up equipment costs.

00:45 Sun 2/12/2012

Not every great cook opens a restaurant.

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Not hired at local breweries.

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Originally posted by Mcc1654
Not every great cook opens a restaurant.

I agree. I think there is a lot to be said for enjoying doing something, but not wanting to do it professionally.

beers 1543 º places 109 º 08:25 Sun 2/12/2012

1. I donít know how to brew (am learning and plan to do my first homebrew in a few weeks!).
2. Iím most likely no good at it.
3. I very much enjoy my current career path.
4. Beer is an enjoyment for me outside my regular life, and I want to keep it that way.