Why do customers do this?

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beers 8759 º places 278 º 18:46 Fri 2/17/2012

Iíve worked beer retail for several years now and I constantly see customers do this:

1) Take out six pack from cooler
2) Grab six pack behind it
3) Replace first six pack


Most are average, non-beer savvy customers... I donít think theyíre worried about the beer being light-struck, but itís a possibility... so what?

Do they think itís colder?
Do they think itís fresher?

I would ask, but I donít want to be a dick. Not that Iíd be a dick to ask, but I fear that theyíd give me their response and I would feel obligated to tell them theyíre wrong.

What do we think?

beers 6366 º places 21 º 18:49 Fri 2/17/2012

Take it as a compliment. They believe you are rotating your product, as you should, but they want the freshies in the back. If you arenít diligent with rotating your product, the joke is on them.

places 10 º 22:49 Fri 2/17/2012

They think itís less light exposed.

beers 2607 º places 109 º 00:14 Sat 2/18/2012

Some of us develop these consumer habits and apply them to everything. "Yeah, I like this car, but not *this* one. Do you have a fresh one with close to no miles on it?"

beers 3015 º places 105 º 00:21 Sat 2/18/2012

Nah, Mr Joe average doesnít know or care about the effect of UV on beer. They either think the beer is fresher or more chilled.

I remember guys unstacking whole slabs of beer to get the one on the bottom and me sitting back laughing knowing I had just put them in the chiller off the pallet warm.

Just play on it and push a few sixers back behind a few freshies and see if they notice. Or even place a few older warm six packs behind some chilled on a busy night just for shits and giggles!

beers 2607 º places 109 º 00:30 Sat 2/18/2012

Itís easy for smart people to be totally amused by retail environments. We primates are an entertaining lot in acquisition mode.

beers 10000 º places 672 º 00:36 Sat 2/18/2012

Iíll admit to pulling bombers in a fridge from the back. I guess superstition that itís less light struck and less handled. But probably doesnít matter. Just a habit.

beers 21296 º places 1032 º 00:49 Sat 2/18/2012

Because items in the back of a fridge will presumably be colder.

beers 522 º places 1 º 00:56 Sat 2/18/2012

its funnier when they do that with the liquor

beers 9828 º places 208 º 00:59 Sat 2/18/2012

I admit to doing this, habit spilling over from shopping habits, I donít want the lettuce that everyone has touched before me, 15 people before me have picked it up and put it back. Sometimes same with beer. Plus often some of the stuff in the back will have a further freshness date Ė matters with yoghurt & some beer styles. Hope that explains that, sorry if its driving shop keepers insane.

beers 2845 º 01:47 Sat 2/18/2012

People do this with milk all the time as well. I donít get it.