Why do customers do this?

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Iím pretty sure this is a universal shopping habit, not just with beer or groceries. People do this with music more often than not. Theyíll grab the second CD in the stack, not the top one. Same with books. Same with clothing. Thereís some psychological impulse about the one on top being a display of sorts, the others being "newer." Iíd guess itís usually subconscious.

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I do it, primarily for singles or bombers, out of habit mainly due to the uv exposure thing. Iím not a fan of bright fluorescent lights being 2 inches away from IPAs for 12 hours every day in a fridge display. Iíll do the same for beer on shelves for pretty much the same reason. I donít even know if itís rational, but I feel like darker is better, and nearly every single beer in the front of any shelf in a fridge or the floor is in a much brighter area than the beers directly behind them

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they dont want skunky beer

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Phoenix Thread.

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Phoenix Thread.


5 month necro thread?

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If you see me doing this, itís usually because I want a particular type of beer, but the first one I see is past is past itís "freshest by" date or too far past itís "bottled on" date. Iím hoping to get something that didnít roll off the factory in the stone age, and if I canít, I move on to another beer.

The other reason I sometimes do it is damaged packaging. Iíll pick up a 6 or a 12 pack and see a tear in it and realize there are decent odds itís going to rip apart at some point before it hits my fridge, resulting in me losing a beer and having to pick up shards of broken glass in a parking lot or off a sidewalk (Actually happened before, and I got my hand cut up to boot- plus had to drive home reeking of alcohol hoping I didnít get pulled over, because you just know a cop isnít going to believe you werenít drinking if you reek of alcohol, no matter how carefully you explain the broken bottle in the parking lot thing).

But if everything is in order with the "freshest by" and "bottled on" date, and the packaging doesnít look damaged, Iíll just take the front one from the cooler (or the top 12 pack box from the floor, or whatever). Itís not a habitual thing that I start "digging" for the stuff in the back of coolers or the bottom of piles of twelve packs, but I will do it if the top one is unacceptablely old or has damaged packing (Which is more often than one would think, especially in the former case- liquor stores simply donít seem to give a crap about getting rid of beer thatís out of code).

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I can see doing it with milk because of the expiration date. However there is a big difference between when milk goes bad vs. beer. So Iím clueless as to why your avg Joe would dig for the beer in the back.

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they dont want skunky beer

If you dont mind sir, could you please explain to me, in your opinion, what skuny beer is?

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1) freshness
2) colder