Why should someone drink and rate now 3 Fonteinen Framboos?

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There is cherry in Hommage. Framboos is 100% raspberry.

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Hereís my take on this, and to all beer aging in general. As the brewer, once you bottle it for sale, then you have provided a product to the market that you stand behind and should be proud of. If you want it aged for 10 years or whatever time period you deem appropriate, then age it your fucking self. Aging should not fall on the consumer. Also, and Iíve said this with impy IPAs, impy stouts, and sours, if you do not like or understand the style, then stay away and do not rate it. Having noobs down rating styles they donít understand is a travesty, and hurts us all.

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Is this seriously still going?

Itís a beer. This is Ratebeer. Seems simple.

Everything else is just pretentious noise...