Why won’t my Sorghum beer start fermenting?

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beers 1000 º places 110 º 20:30 Wed 11/21/2012

Made a beer this weekend with sorghum, Rice syrup, And honey. OG 1.070

Added 1 packet of Safale S-02. 24 hours later, nothing. Added another packet yesterday. 24 hours later, nothing. Am I missing something here? And at what point will this wort go bad?

beers 1000 º places 110 º 20:31 Wed 11/21/2012

Sorry - that is Safale S-02

beers 9515 º places 536 º 20:37 Wed 11/21/2012

Did you take a gravity reading?

beers 1000 º places 110 º 20:53 Wed 11/21/2012

Yes 1.070

beers 1000 º places 110 º 20:54 Wed 11/21/2012

Which, is relatively high. So, the only thing I can think of is I need more Yeast

beers 2996 º places 156 º 00:34 Thu 11/22/2012

My guess is sorghum might not have enough nutrients, but I don’t really know for sure. Maybe add some yeastex with fresh yeast?

beers 3436 º places 21 º 01:06 Thu 11/22/2012

Is it possible that you have a leak in the seal of your fermenter and co2 is escaping? Is there any sign of krausen?

beers 9515 º places 536 º 04:10 Thu 11/22/2012

1070 OG but have you taken a reading since pitching?

04:26 Thu 11/22/2012

What type of sorghum did you use? Non-malted contains very little enzyme (especially Beta amylase) and young/fresh malted sorghum contains a lot less (especially the soluble enzyme) than sorghum aged for two or three years.

Hence, the mash may have ended up containing a low level of digestable carbohydrates for the yeast to fermen unless you added enzyme to the mash.

Or maybe you used sorghum syrup, if so then all should be fine in that regard.

beers 1000 º places 110 º 06:48 Thu 11/22/2012

Thanks for all the answers. Its White Sorghum liquid extract. No leak detected but I will definitely change out the stopper today. Havent done a reading since OG. Will take one today - but no Krausen, NO activity at all. Of course all of the local HBS are closed today too!

07:52 Thu 11/22/2012

Originally posted by Naven
Made a beer this weekend with sorghum, Rice syrup, And honey.

I have found your problem.

You’re welcome.

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