WLP099 - Super High Gravity

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05:00 Wed 10/5/2016

Also, 3.5 gallons of beer in a 5 gallon fermenter and it was just enough to contain the krausen. #Foamy.

beers 5369 º places 54 º 07:57 Wed 10/5/2016

I would be interested if you actually get to 20%. I wonder how much the yeast will have left in it to tolerate that much work and alcohol.

08:32 Wed 10/5/2016

Originally posted by Homer321
I would be interested if you actually get to 20%. I wonder how much the yeast will have left in it to tolerate that much work and alcohol.

I’m interested in that, as well. First beer got to 18% without much trouble and other people have said that getting over 20% isn’t much of a problem, but it starts to get pretty dodgy around 22% or so.

places 3 º 07:15 Thu 11/24/2016

Originally posted by HornyDevil
Originally posted by HornyDevil
Originally posted by VsXsV
I haven’t used it, but I have several friends who have. All of them have had it ferment insanely much. One guy had an OG of 1111, it fermented until 998 (!). Another had OG over 1120, ended close to 1000. And so it goes. Kind of an infamous yeast on the Swedish home brewing scene.

Cool. I have a quad braggot that is in the fermenter with it that should turn out 18%+ from an OG of 1.166. Seems as if it should handle that pretty easily.

After two months in the fermenter, I finally bottled this braggot this past weekend. Fantastic tasting stuff with a LOT of dark fruits and noticeable alcohol warmth, but not what I’d call "hot" as I don’t get a lot of booze on the nose. Some, but not a lot, and it isn’t off-putting. Will be a nice beer when the weather cools off.

Poured an imperial stout onto the cake. Even though the cake was fresh, it took about 3 days for it to kick off active fermentation. The base beer is now sitting on 7 lbs. of honey that I added this evening. 5 lbs. of clover and 2 lbs. of Japanese Knotweed. The about 3.5 gallons of beer should come in around 22% if the yeast does its job. Will certainly report back with results.


beers 6219 º places 450 º 08:31 Thu 11/24/2016

Interested as well

beers 1111 º places 27 º 08:41 Thu 11/24/2016

I’m interested too. Pitching wort supposed to hit 23% onto the cake from an 18% beer is living dangerously!

08:17 Fri 11/25/2016

I’ll be bottling this beer in a week or two. Will certainly post results.

08:48 Mon 12/5/2016

22%+ with a terminal of 1.030. Nose of dark dried fruits and a little booze. Surprised I didn’t get more booze in the nose. Mouthfeel is medium. Initially sweet on the palate, in a general fashion. The dark fruits come in afterwards with some of that black patent malt character than I don’t like that much. Knotweed honey after that which follows into the aftertaste which also has a balancing bitterness to it. As it conditions, I think the black patent character and bitterness will fade. At least I’m hoping they do. This was the straight version. I also bottled a vanilla version and a vanilla and Tennessee whiskey version.

beers 6219 º places 450 º 13:07 Mon 12/5/2016

Aye, a beast. Sounds delicious though

13:16 Mon 12/5/2016

Originally posted by JulienHuxley
Aye, a beast. Sounds delicious though

T’was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t hotter. Cool experiment(s), but don’t think that I’d want to push the ABV that much further, though.

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