Wort Chiller stops boil

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beers 6343 º places 200 º 16:05 Sun 2/3/2013

Originally posted by gunnar
I used to have the same problem, now I put the worth chiller in a bucket with almost boiling water 5 minutes before usage, problem solved.

I think this is the answer. I have the same condition but never worry much about it. I usually get as much water out of the chiller as possible to reduce the time it takes to come back full boil. Now I will just heat/sanitize it before I drop it in the wort. Glad this question came up. cheerstevo

beers 999 º places 47 º 04:30 Mon 2/4/2013

Originally posted by TheBeerSommelier
Originally posted by 502F
I had no idea people lut their immuraion chillers during the boild. If it kills the boild putting it in, why not throw it in at flame out? Its lowering the temp of the wort just by puttin it in, so thats constructive at flame out, not so much during the boil.

Because technically, you should boil something for ~15 minutes to sanitize it. Better safe than sorry, I always say.

I do like the Star San idea, but it’s just that much more work.

OP - don’t sweat it. That 5 mins. won’t hurt anything. RDWHAHB.

Ya, i see the point for sanitizing. I just soaked the chiller in sanitized water. Oh well, to each their own.

places 1 º 13:06 Mon 2/4/2013

No issues, just add a couple of minutes to the end of your boil if you are concerned the couple of minutes without boil is making a difference in your beer. Consistent is more important than "right".

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