Would you try six new beers every month

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13:55 Mon 10/12/2015

A couple of friends and I have been playing with the idea of starting a monthly club dedicated to sending people new beers from breweries that may not be big yet. We’ve looked into liquor laws and you CAN navigate legally in some states if you are careful.

Would you sign up for that if it was open today (legally of course)?

Is $20/month too much for 6 different, new craft beers each month?

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These exist, and are typically given as Christmas presents to by people that don’t know what to get their beer loving nephew.

Price-wise, I think $20 is a pretty fair price for 6 different beers arriving in the mail.

I personally would not be interested... There’s far too much beer available to me locally to worry about stuff in other areas, but there is certainly a market our there for this kind of stuff.

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My local beer store does this with beers available to distributor, but aren’t available locally. There price is $25 a month, but number of beers fluctuate on the cost of beers. I’ve gotten as many as 7 one month and then 2 the next.

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Originally posted by blipp
These exist, and are typically given as Christmas presents to by people that don’t know what to get their beer loving nephew.

My mother-in-law did something like this for me a few years ago for a Christmas gift. I appreciated her effort, but it’s not a gift I’d want again. I was underwhelmed by the selections offered and would personally rather just get a gift card to an online beer store.

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If you can make it every 15 minutes then I might be interested !

beers 7395 º places 281 º 16:01 Mon 10/12/2015

My shipment must include nothing on my RB tasted list. heheh

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I would consider that a very slow month, personally. Most of the breweries I can walk to give me six new ones a month, and the stores and bars do that in a slow week.

Point is that for most people, it’s hard to run out of new beers to try. In order to justify paying a premium to try new beer, I would want a) nothing I’ve had before and b) only top quality stuff.

beers 8457 º places 152 º 18:25 Mon 10/12/2015

Short answer? Yes I would. However, I would expect the shipping to be at least that much money.

18:27 Mon 10/12/2015

Originally posted by TheHOFF43

How did you come up with such a new and amazing idea?

Haha well it all started after we’d had a couple of beers...

I definitely hear everyone on the White Elephant exchange gift that no one wants to take home.

Thank you all for the honest feedback. I see where we’d need to change the idea. Variety + Choice = Awesome.

Does anyone buy beers online (Craft Beer Kings, Craft City, Craft Shack, etc.) or does everyone just check out new brews at the local beer market?

beers 2089 º places 153 º 18:33 Mon 10/12/2015

This is definitely a saturated field. If you want to enter it, I’d ask "how can we offer something different from the many other outlets in the same game?"