yeast free beer?!?!?!

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hello beer lovers, just a quetion that has prob been asked before(just joined up). Is there any yeast free beers available ? have this skin condition that if i drink too much lager or any beers that i tend to get a rash on my face(not too bad though) and it’s a pain in the arse ( not literally lol)
Just trying GREENS TRAILBLAZER to see if there’s any reaction to it, not a bad one but not sure if it’s yeast free (or at least low yeast content).
I’m going crazy cos the thought of having to give up my vice fills me with joy. not!!:(

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There are a few things here.

1. All beer is brewed with yeast -- no question. Yeast is what makes alcohol in beer, wine, liquor, cider, etc.

2. Most mass produced lagers are filtered so there is no yeast left in it.

3. Chances are you aren’t allergic to yeast. Can you eat bread? That has more yeast in it that your average beer. You may be allergic to hops, barley (gluten in general?), or even alcohol.

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Ok, I just looked at the desciption for Green’s Trailblzer.

Trailblazer, the UK’s first truly low carbohydrate, gluten and wheat free larger is brewed with a strong body, crisp and a refreshing flavour. Trailblazer DOES NOT contain any of the following allergens or products thereof: Glutens, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soya beans, Milk, Lactose, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Sulphur dioxide and sulphites.

The key common allergens are gluten and wheat. I would guess you should be looking for other gluten-free beers, of which there are a number. Take a look at this list Gluten Free Beers.

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cheers, didn’t know that..i’ve heard a few people with the same condition saying that if they drink krystall beers they notice no aggravation of rash..... one thing is for sure i shall persevere even if my head turns into a pizza. gotta keep it pantera :)

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Yeast is a common allergy and causes a rash on the face. Glutton intolerance will cause malnutrition and intestine disorders. Very rarely will it cause a rash on the face.

Drinking beer when someone has a glutton intolerance can cause serious medical problems.

Drinking beer when someone has a brewers yeast allergy will usually cause an embarrassing rash.

Drinking filtered beer, such as pale lager, will have less of an impact than drinking a bottle conditioned Belgian ale.

There are different yeasts, and you may be allergic to brewers yeast, but not bakers yeast.

You may be allergic to lager yeast, but not ale yeast.

Try an ale that has been filtered. See if that is worse or better than a lager.

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my poor neighbor, who loves beer, does have a gluten allergy. It’s Ciliac’s disease, and like the other post noted, it’s serious stuff. So, he now drinks gluten-free beer. You might try gluten-free and see what happens. If the allergy continues (the rash) then it’s not the gluten, but probably the brewer’s yeast. Good luck finding the source. I myself have an allergy to hops in certain quantities or (less likely) certain hop types. But I drink hop bombs anyway. A little sneezing never hurt anyone too badly.