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05:31 Mon 9/26/2016

Originally posted by CLevar
I don’t think it needs to be super hazy to have "juicy" character though.

^^^ This.

Hazy, like a sunburst, is good. Means you have lots of hop oils in solution.

Murky, like muddy water, is not. Means you have too much yeast in suspension.

Without getting into a lengthy dissertation about why yeast flocculate, they don’t just do so when the fermentable sugar in solution is depleted. Some yeast will never flocculate if given the "right" scenarios, like a certain mineral composition of the water or the presence of high amounts and certain types of hop oils.

Also, the longer a yeast remains active in suspension, the more you will have biotransformation of hop related chemicals, think terpenoid compounds, going on. Thus the relatively very short shelf life of cloudy/murky hoppy beer.

This is why I think US05/001/1056 is a great strain of yeast to use. Chico is simple to use, ferments quickly and cleanly, and doesn’t flocculate too terribly hard. Add lots of hops post boil. That’ll get your beer hazy. The right hops added at the right times and a small bittering charge will get you the juicy character you desire.

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