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beers 11069 º places 430 º 06:57 Sat 7/11/2015

Do you regulate the temperature when your yeast starters are going? At or above the recommended fermentation temp?

For instance, what do you do for the typical 001/05/1056/Cali ale yeast?

08:21 Sat 7/11/2015

Originally posted by drowland
Do you regulate the temperature when your yeast starters are going? At or above the recommended fermentation temp?

For instance, what do you do for the typical 001/05/1056/Cali ale yeast?

I’d simply pay attention to the regular fermentation temp preferred by that strain.

I.e., regular Cali yeast typically does pretty well at a standard ambient room temp (65-75), but a Saison or Hefe strain may be better at 80ish+.

I think you’ll garner most of the info you need from the yeast package, or website from the yeast company. Let the strain be your guide.

beers 3095 º places 108 º 08:32 Sat 7/11/2015

Indeed, I let me Belgian starters ferment at room temp and all others at whatever is their optimum temps.

beers 6371 º places 241 º 10:08 Sat 7/11/2015

Starter temps even for 001/1056 up to 80 F or so is fine. Your looking for cell growth, not fermentation. Most yeasts grow best at higher temps than their optimum fermentation temp. Even with lager yeasts, most people will say grow the starters at room temps.

It’s a smart idea to decant the starter and just pitch the yeast slurry at the bottom in these cases.

15:06 Sat 7/11/2015

if the starter is fermented within the optimal range but on the high side the yeast will still be fine, and any off-flavors produced in the starter can be decanted off of the yeast prior to pitching, provided the starter is allowed to settle or clear ahead of time.

beers 11069 º places 430 º 21:34 Sat 7/11/2015

A few different opinions here!

Room temp in my house in South Georgia is 78 degrees during the summer. If you were here, would you do the starter sitting out or would you do it cooler?

beers 2166 º places 63 º 16:29 Sun 7/12/2015

I ferment in the basement, which ranges between 65 and 68, depending on the season, so I’m lucky enough to be able to do just about any ale at any time.

I’m guessing that 78 is optimistic, and you could get a hot spell that would drive it up a lot unless you’ve got AC. The yeast will also raise the temperature of the wort when they get going, although I’ve never tracked the temperature of a starter. I’d be inclined to go with a Belgian style that is more hi-temp friendly, or use some sort of cooling system in the summer.

Even if you do overcome the starter problems, you still have the actual ferment to deal with.

beers 11069 º places 430 º 19:27 Mon 7/27/2015

I have A/C in my house (of course) and temp control for my fermentations. Was just curious if people do their starters at room temp or a specific temp with control.

beers 1111 º places 27 º 06:09 Tue 7/28/2015

I do all my starters for everything at room temperature, which in my flat is 21C. I have a thermostat, so it won’t go below this, but will go above it in the summer, if it’s warm. The only exception is lactobacillus, which I tend to start higher (exactly where depends on the strain), and apart from wrapping it in a towel to slow things slightly, let it drop to room temperature naturally.

As has been said, you’re looking for cell growth, not a nice beer, so don’t worry about suggested optimum temperatures. The high temperatures for Belgian strains are for flavour development and maximum attenutation, neither of which are a concern. In fact, it’s quite a stressful environment, so I’d avoid going anywhere near optimum for strains like Dupont at the starter stage.

I decant off for most things, but unless the starter is huge, it’s no big deal.

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