Yeast strain importance as relating to style

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Originally posted by mtoast
Before you two get into a meaningless circle jerk, OP ditch the Mr. Beer kit, find a local homebrew shop and get set up brewing real beer. Even the most basic homebrew setup will yield infinitely better beer than any Mr. Beer kit.

Actually, not entirely true. Using really fresh ingredients fermented in a Mr. Beer can yield fantastic beer, just less of it.

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Also, a Bock is legally defined in Germany as being 16 Plato (1.064) original gravity or higher, whereas a Doppelbock is then 18 P (1.072) or higher. Alcohol content really doesn’t play into it; a very well-attenuated Bock can be much stronger in ABV than a less-well-attenuated Doppelbock.

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My unofficial ’Reader’s Digest’ Version:
What we know as Bock today has a long tradition. It started as an ale in the town of Einbeck, and migrated to Munich where "Einbeck Bier" became a "ein bock bier" or "a billy-goat beer" and switched to the locally popular lager yeast at the same time.

Soo... both ale and lager yeast are appropriate, depending on how far back you go in history. The main thing is to create a malty beer, and the lager yeast used for modern Bocks tends to do a better job of accentuating the malty characteristics than many ale yeasts.

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