YETI: To age or not to age that is the question.

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I aged an Espresso oak aged. Mainly because I forgot about it. And after nearly 18 months, I thought it was amazing. However, Iím not a guy who likes to get blasted with 100 IBUís of hops. Depends on YOUR tastes.

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Donít age. Like others have said, thereís nothing that really benefits. The hops fade, but so does other stuff, and Yeti with oxidation isnít pretty. Itís not like Rogueís Imperial Stout which can hold up for a decade and still be worth drinking.

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A year at most on cellaring Yeti is fine. Had a bottle from May 2011 last week and it was still very hoppy and quite good. If you want to cellar a beer go get Ruffian. Oak aged would be the other beer I would consider cellaring.

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Originally posted by fletchfighters
A year at most on cellaring Yeti is fine.

+1. I really like the oak aged version with a year on it. I wouldnít go any further than that. I have yet to age a reg yeti but intend to since I have a couple in the fridge now. I assume they will give me the same result, but we shall see.

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As said before, GD Old Ruffian cellars well, and I it find is lovely with 3-4 years on it. If you have access to this, consider cellaring it to good effect. Yeti (all variations) is ready to drink when released, it will change when cellared but wonít necessarily improve.

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This is my review from dec 25 2011 on a bottle of 2008. Bottle. Pours black with a brown tan head. Not much in carb. Smells and tastes of caramel, chocolate, coffee, roasty, light sweetness, medium bitterness, full body, oily feel, thick feel. I have had this many times great beer with a nice mix of chocolate and roasted malt with a bit of coffee nice finish not to bad let it age a bit and it mellows out I just tried at bottle from 2008 very nice smooth and not as bitter as new ones. I liked it a bit more then normal new one just cause of how it was as sharp finish but new aged both awesome.