Your end of times beer

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beers 6622 º places 28 º 06:36 Wed 11/21/2012

I plan to ignore this just the way I did Y2K.

beers 2883 º places 348 º 03:03 Thu 11/22/2012

what ever is in my fridge at the time, and some home brew.

beers 10067 º places 416 º 03:18 Thu 11/22/2012

I ignore these end of the world quacks. To me, anytime I turn on to watch the news it feels like the end of the world is coming soon. So here is to another beer, while I await the nuclear winter.

beers 4304 º places 100 º 06:16 Thu 11/22/2012

Had to google Unix 2038.

Beer: Jackie Os Kentucky Monk

beers 1188 º places 80 º 07:26 Thu 11/22/2012

Malt likka