Your Favorite Cut

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Cow - filet
Pig - bacon, or slowed cooked shoulder
Chicken - wings, fried or breat, boiled & shredded
Lamb - ribs
Fish - raw salmon, raw tuna, sauteed/stir-fried, and or korean bbq style octopus/squid/cuttlefish - preferably the head & tenticles as opposed to the body cut up in rings or as a steak.
Shellfish/crustacean- raw oyster, steamed clams, and of course shrimps, cooked in any number of ways.

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Cow-Bone in ribeye
Swine-Sholder slow cooked
Fish-Ahi Poke
Horse-Loin/Med rare
Snake-Rattlesnake pan fried with Habanero Sauce
Venison- Crockpot after soaked in Buttermilk with onion,Carrot, Ketchup/tomatoes

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Oh Yeah, Quail fresh is great as well!!!

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Originally posted by billkThe back contains the oysters and sweetbreads, not to mention lots of skin (and fatty pudding underneath) if cooked properly. The absolute best part of the bird.

I love rotisserie chicken, I disjoint the bird hot into a dish, then flip it over lift the skin and snack on all the delectable back meat. Its called the "Chefs Treat" because it is usually overlooked or even discarded / thrown whole in the stock pot.

More of a snack than a cut, mind you! ;)

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Cow - I love a Delmonico steak
Veal - breast and ribs
Pork - ribs
Chicken - all of it
Seafood - shellfish, espcially crab

DerWeg how right you are about the back meat. Tasty morsels that is. =)

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Cow - Cte los
Pig - Pork belly bacon
Chicken - Thighs
Seafood (type of fish) - Mussels