Your HomeBrewery Name?

Reads 2505 • Replies 20 • Started Tuesday, October 6, 2015 8:29:03 PM CT

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beers 8457 º places 152 º 20:29 Tue 10/6/2015

Certainly many of us name our home breweries, if for no other reason than to tick the homebrew on Untappd.

Mine is Responsibly Brewing. So now you can drink responsibly.

What is yours?

beers 11069 º places 430 º 22:44 Tue 10/6/2015

Dr. Owl’s Nanobrewery & Tube Emporium

beers 10651 º places 821 º 05:16 Wed 10/7/2015

Moosetit Brewing Company

beers 2444 º places 104 º 06:25 Wed 10/7/2015

Bogey Brewing. It’s a little over par.

beers 1548 º places 115 º 19:47 Wed 10/7/2015

No homebrewery name for me, but I try to name all my beers after Arrested Development or Saved by the Bell references. Some are easier than others (e.g., 1st IPA was called Some Hop-ons).

beers 3972 º places 158 º 20:21 Wed 10/7/2015

Lick Springs Brewery,, got my user name there.

beers 1490 º places 273 º 21:55 Wed 10/7/2015

fly in the ointment

09:07 Thu 10/8/2015

The City Brewing

It’s a reference to The Tick and most of our beers are named after characters from the show.

16:12 Thu 10/8/2015

Stellmacher Brewing. Derivation of my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. (registered on Untappd, if you want to check it out.)

beers 11069 º places 430 º 17:09 Thu 10/8/2015

Originally posted by HornyDevil
Stellmacher Brewing. Derivation of my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. (registered on Untappd, if you want to check it out.)

Mine is as well!

beers 3265 º places 94 º 17:14 Thu 10/8/2015

We were Summer Hill brewery/Brewers, was also the name of our AHA registered homebrew club back in the 90s. Summer Hill was the original name of the town we live in now called Rising Sun, in friggin Murlind. Always liked that name.

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