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50% English Maris Otter 2-Row Pale Malt
16.7% Torrified Wheat
8.3% American Chocolate Malt, 350°L
8.3% Dark Brown Cane Sugar, in boil
8.3% Lactose, in boil
3% Brown Malt
3% Oats
2% Aciduated Malt

Pinch of Calcium Carbonate in mash.

MASHED @ 150°F/65.5°C for 90 minutes, relatively low temperature because I used Windsor yeast which is a fairly low attenuator, and I included lactose which is unfermentable.

Cluster whole hops 7%AA

BOILED 90 minutes. I added brown sugar, lactose, and hops at beginning.

I'm hoping to have some cask-conditioned mini-kegs ready when family comes to visit for Thanksgiving in two weeks, but that's wildly optimistic.

STATS: 85% mash efficiency and 75% yeast attenuation
OG: 1.064
FG: 1.016
ABV: 6.3%
IBU: 23

beers 2165 º places 63 º 20:58 Mon 11/12/2012

Fresh Hop American Pale
6lbs 12oz Gambrinus ESB Pale
5lbs Gambrinus 2-Row Malt
8oz American Crystal 20L

60 min 1oz Centennial pellet 11.5AA
10 min 5oz Cascade leaf
1 min 10oz Cascade leaf
dry hop 10oz Cascade leaf

Safale US-05 Dry Yeast

The Cascade was from my yard, and was picked off the bines moments before going into the boil (or the ferment.) AA unknown. Don't panic about the volume of hops being used. I assumed that 5oz of wet hops is roughly equivalent to 1oz dry.

IBU: Unknown
ABV: 5.7%

beers 1 º places 2 º 23:36 Mon 11/12/2012

A small batch (~20 litres yield instead of 22) of half-IBA ("B" is for "black"), 1.033 OG, theoretically 120 IBU, bittered with Chinook & Simcoe, flavour & aroma with Chinook and Citra.

beers 2360 º places 104 º 03:29 Tue 11/13/2012

I got together with a bunch of friends this weekend & did the first round of a solera brew. I forget the exact percentages, but...

- Vienna
- Dark Munich
- Pils
- Aromatic
- Flaked Maize
- a touch of Special B

We ended up with ~65 gallons of wort. About half (1.063->1.03) of the fermentation is going to be handled by a huge slurry of US-05, then it'll be hit with a 5 gallon "starter" that used the same grain, but is fermenting with roselare, the oud bruine blend from East Coast Yeast & a few choice dregs.

The first week or so is going to be plastic, after which point it'll be transferred into a 55 gallon wine barrel we got from a localish winery.

fun fun!!


beers 8888 º places 282 º 06:01 Tue 11/13/2012

Raspberry wheat on tap right now... up next is a Citra pale ale that I'm going to split in half and age half on pineapple to send to Billicus.

beers 217 º 06:46 Tue 11/13/2012

I had a feeling Ratebeerians would be brewing some interesting beer. Please continue to update this thread. Cheers!

06:53 Tue 11/13/2012

Originally posted by seymour

Funny, just made some myself.

10 lbs Maris Otter
5 lbs Quick Oats
1 lb each Roasted Barley, Carafa III, Chocolate, Crystal 120, & Special B
24 oz. Sumatran coffee
23 oz. Nestle's cocoa powder

Single infusion mash at 148F

First 2 gallons pulled and boiled until reduced by 3/4ths. Then added to fermenter

Next 7 gallons boiled for 2 hours with 1 oz. of Magnum (13.4 AA)

Cooled and pitched one packet of S04

Couple of notes from this one:

- This much cocoa and coffee in the mash is about the maximum that should be used as it was a VERY slow runoff. Probably took about 3 hours to sparge.

- Ended up with about 6 gallons in the fermenter, but lost what probably amounted to a half gallon due to blowoff

- Half of this batch was bottled with 0.5 lbs of lactose. The other half got 3 lbs of buckwheat honey and a spiral of light toast French oak and will be bulk aged for 6 - 8 weeks.

beers 2459 º places 109 º 07:28 Tue 11/13/2012

I don't have my notes in front of me and don't remember specific measurements, but just did a sort of Belgian Blonde:

Weyermann floor-malted pils
Aromatic (just a touch)
Acidulated (just a touch)

healthy dose of sugar in the boil

Styrian Aurora (bittering)
Styrian Goldings (finishing)

WY 1388

places 1 º 08:54 Tue 11/13/2012

Currently drinking the first half of my first 10 gal batch of extract IPA (I've brewed well over 100 batches of all grain IPA's). Getting the right balance for an extract IPA is like learning to brew ipa all over again.

For nearly 11 gals. post boil:

15 lbs light dme

1 lb 15L crystal steeped

3 lbs carapils steeped

3.5 oz Nugget 60 min.

8 oz Centennial 10 min.

8 oz Falconers Flight 7C's post flameout

~7 SRM

100 calculated ibu's

OG 1.067

FG 1.012

7.0% abv

1st keg is dryhopped with 4 ozs. FF 7C's

2nd keg will be dryhopped with 2.5 oz 7C's and 2.5 oz. Falconer's Flight

It's a wee bit caramelly - like Lagunitas IPA complete with piney/floral/lemony muddled hop character, but hoppier - going to eliminate the 15L crystal for my next extract IPA.

beers 1584 º places 351 º 09:12 Tue 11/13/2012

Lately doing a couple of Belgian-style dark & strong ales to get ready for the holidays.

Approx 79% Belgian pale ale malt, 8% Crystal 30, 4% Special B, 5% tapa de dulce (panela sugar), 4% dark candi syrup (D-180). About 35 IBUs. Fermented with 50/50 blend of T-58 and S-33 yeasts (mainly limited to dried yeasts down here.) Bottled and carbonated to about 3.5 volumes.

Parti-gyled that and got a nice mild from second runnings.

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