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beers 6557 º places 146 º 12:26 Wed 11/14/2012

Olde Smoking Jacket, 10.11 ABV, 68.0 IBU
OG 1.099 FG 1.022 5 gallons

All UK hops and UK base malt into a sort of a big Old Ale/English Barleywine thingy. Medium amber hue with a smoky, oaky, caramel and earthy overtones with noticeable scotch and iodine. Some grassy hop on the palate and pretty much no hint of the pepper. Dry clean finish with a medium body. Still quite "green" and should take to a few years of aging.

9 lbs Pale Malt, UK Maris Otter
8 lbs Pale Malt, UK Golden Promise
2 lbs Smoked Malt, Cherrywood
1 lbs Peat Smoked Malt
1 lbs Special Roast
1 lbs Vienna Malt
12.0 oz Aromatic Malt
6.4 oz Biscuit Malt
4.0 oz Midnight Wheat Malt
8.0 oz Lyle’s Golden Syrup (UK)
12.0 oz Turbinado Sugar, Organic

1.00 oz Phoenix UK [10.80 %] (60 min)
1.00 oz Goldings, East Kent [5.80 %] (20 min)
0.50 oz Phoenix UK [10.80 %] (20 min)
0.50 oz Phoenix UK [10.00 %] (10 min)
1.00 oz Goldings, East Kent [5.80 %] (10 min)
2.00 oz Bramling Cross, UK [7.40 %] (5 min)

4.00 oz Oak Spiral imbuded w/ Scotch (Secondary 21.0 days)
1 Roasted Habanero Pepper (Secondary 21.0 days)
Yeast: Dry English Ale (White Labs #WLP007)

beers 3438 º places 209 º 12:31 Wed 11/14/2012

Next three beers:

Classic AM. Pils-

40% pils
40% 6-row
20% flaked maize
hopped with Northern Brewer & Saaz

Smoked Mild

Maris Otter
Pale Chocolate

and an Imperial Stout that I haven’t got the recipe for just now.

beers 4684 º places 377 º 12:53 Wed 11/14/2012

Amber Ale.

Pale Malt 2 rows
CaraMalt 30
CaraAmber 60

Cascade & Galena.

Tomorrow is time for a Robust Porter.

beers 217 º 13:30 Fri 11/16/2012

Bottling this tomorrow

style: hoppy amber Frankenbeer

pale malt
British crystal 45
cararoma 150

Cascade for bittering
Cascade and Galaxy for flavor and aroma
Cascade, Galaxy and Centennial dry hop

Wyeast 3711 French Saison yeast slurry
10SRM, 5.5%abv, 48ibu

(forgot to add some sugar, otherwise it would have been closer to 7%abv and drier)

should have notes of grapefruit, passionfruit and toffee

beers 6557 º places 146 º 14:28 Fri 11/16/2012

Originally posted by NobleSquirrel
Next three beers:

Smoked Mild

Maris Otter
Pale Chocolate

woo hoo!
A Mild without Crystal!

I redid Grays Huggable Ale without Crystal as well, pretty much the same malt bill as yours minus the Rauchmalt of course but I have a .5 pound of Biscuit malt in mine.

beers 217 º 14:55 Fri 11/16/2012

Brewing this on Sunday

Oaked Amaretto Mocha Java Porter

pale malt
kiln coffee malt
pale chocolate
crystal 120

brown sugar
lactose sugar

Challenger for bittering
Challenger and Goldings for flavor
no dry hop

oak cubes soaked in Amaretto
S04 English ale yeast

22srm, 7%abv, 37ibu

might only do the oaked amaretto thing to half the batch

beers 3438 º places 209 º 14:30 Mon 11/26/2012

Brewed in Imperial Stout this weekend:

15lbs Optic
2lbs Roasted Barley
2lbs Pale Chocolate Malt
1lb Flaked Barley
1lb Flaked Rye
1lb Caramunich
1lb Crystal 80

70IBU of Magnum at 60min
7IBU of Willamette at 10min

Fermenting low 60s with WY1762 - Belgian Abbey II

Looks great right now, huge Kräusen on it that is blowing off. Excited to see where this one goes. Used the 1762 for some fruity notes and malt accent with a hit of alcohol. Smells super clean thus far (aside from dark fruit) so I think it’ll be a hit.

beers 1595 º places 352 º 14:55 Mon 11/26/2012

Planning a spelt session saison for this weekend. To be amply hopped with Styrians. Have this big bag of spelt and not sure what else to do with it. Reckon I’ll have to do a cereal mash.

places 23 º 17:49 Tue 11/27/2012

Sour cherry imperial porter just went on one of the tap lines. Still under-carbed, but it tastes pretty nice! Mouthfeel is a touch thick for my tastes, but otherwise I am fairly happy with it.

beers 5150 º places 276 º 18:05 Tue 11/27/2012

Crap. Are we supposed to post our entire recipes? Too much work. Finally switched to all-grain about 2 months ago.

Wednesday, I brewed a Belgian Wit with Blood oranges. Friday, I brewed a Chimay yellow label clone with chimay yeast and on Monday, I brewed an Imperial Stout. OG was 1.095..with this yeast, it should come in around 12.5-13% ABV. No idea what additions to bourbon soaked chips? IDK. Tonight, i brewed a honey hefeweizen and will probably add blueberries to the primary in 2-3 weeks.

I have some Brett strains from wyeast that were nearly expired at the homebrew store. Probably going to do a Boulevard Saison Brett Clone with those in 2 weeks.

My all Citra IPA that I kegged 2 months ago is starting to grow stale so I’ll brew another galaxy 8% DIPA sometime in December.

Um..that’s all

The carboy above with that sexy pellicle is a berliner weisse that just got a ruhubarb and strawberry addition 2 weeks ago. Should be ready to go soon.

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