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Both are pretty awful, IMO. Neither is referential and has no substance...

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Dank implies lots of hops and lots of pot....

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I agree with the rest. 2.

Originally posted by jsquire
Dank implies lots of hops and lots of pot....

Combined brewpub and dispensary? Sounds like a solid business plan.

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The only option is "Dank Vanguard Brewing Co."

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White boy wasted off topic light Laughing out loud brewery

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Try "Vanguard Brewing and Gentlemen’s Club." You know, just to see how it goes.

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My favorite brewery names are ones that really think of something original. I love Darkside Fermentation, Ale Apothecary, even something like Ladyface Ale Companie is better than the typical Dog City Brewing.

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Dank is Dutch for Thanks...
But for some reason it doesn’t sound right...

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You should call it "Local Obscure Sour Dot Rar Limited Release Nano Artisinal Hand Crafted Lagery"

Chics dig buzzwords.