Your opinion please........Round 2

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17:08 Wed 3/27/2013

Ok, I asked for you opinion on the name of a Brewpub that I’m opening up and the results were very helpful.......Dank Brewing Company is out. Now it’s between the following two:

It’s in an old steel/metal foundry building. Upscale pub food/Belgian/sour/hoppy

1. Iron Abbey Ale Works

2. Vanguard Brewing Company

Thanks again!

beers 14078 º places 832 º 17:13 Wed 3/27/2013

I like Iron Abbey.

Vanguard sounds like an insurance company or something.

beers 4112 º places 259 º 17:15 Wed 3/27/2013

I like "Iron Abbey"

Not so much into the Ale Works part. Will you never make lagers?

beers 3220 º places 131 º 17:15 Wed 3/27/2013

1>>>2 but maybe lose the "Abbey"

places 23 º 17:17 Wed 3/27/2013

I like "Iron Abbey Brewing Co." The two words starting with "a" in a row doesn’t do it for me.

beers 8494 º places 190 º 17:24 Wed 3/27/2013

Vanguard Iron Works

beers 787 º places 21 º 17:38 Wed 3/27/2013

#1 sounds good.

beers 2384 º places 20 º 17:39 Wed 3/27/2013

Abbey Vanguard’s Iron works

beers 2384 º places 20 º 17:41 Wed 3/27/2013

Originally posted by portableparty
Abbey Vanguard’s Iron works

Beer Co.

beers 22 º places 10 º 17:41 Wed 3/27/2013

VanIron AbbeyWorks

beers 1357 º places 1 º 17:49 Wed 3/27/2013

Iron Ale Works
The Foundry
Iron Foundry Beer Co.