Your opinion please........Round 2

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Including Ale in the title kind of gives the shaft to lagers

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You could always try a sense of humor instead of trying to sound cool like "Statue Esq. Armless Beer."

The logo image would be the Venus De Milo.

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Originally posted by Drake
I like Iron Abbey.

Vanguard sounds like an insurance company or something.

Originally posted by artmcd8
1>>>2 but maybe lose the "Abbey"

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Iron Abbey sounds nice and marketable, where you located?

beers 55 º 13:26 Sun 5/12/2013

Iron Abbey sounds really good. Adding more words is somewhat unnecessary I think, because normally people don’t like brand that are a mouthful and will just be saying the first 2 or 3 words. So if you choose a name like Iron Abbey Ale Works people will soon be calling it just Iron Abbey.

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I’d love to see follow up posts to these questions. We see tons of posts from newer members saying how much they love beer and that they are opening a brewpub/beer store/beer bar etc. I’d love to know how many of these things actually come to fruition. I’d try to come support the new place. Keep us posted

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I think you should call it "The George W. Bush Good Ole Fashioned Beerewery". All beers should state their style on the label, but in the bottle will be a totally random, different style to that which is listed. Some suggestions for beer names:

"Sadam bin Laden Evil-Doers" Imperial Stout
"Hurricanes and Levees and Disasters, Oh My!" wet-hopped IPA
"Terror Scale Amber Ale" amber ale
"The Ol’ Ball and Cheney" black IPA
"Misunderestimation Lager" imperial pilsener

The only down side of course, would be that all profits go to the Dick Cheney Retirement Relief Aid Fund, sending you into a deep household recession and ultimately bankruptcy. I guess you may want to reconsider my suggestion.

13:02 Thu 5/16/2013

I agree with CLevar "Iron Abbey Brewing Co." or "Iron Abbey Brew Works" Though makes me think of Lost Abbey.

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Okay, on a serious note, I do like Iron Abbey. However, it does imply that you will favor belgian style beers, so unless this is the case, the name may not fit (regardless of the history of the building).