Your Pick for St. Louis’ Most Underrated Craft Beer Is...

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beers 2723 º places 118 º 08:18 Mon 3/3/2014

Your pick for St. Louis’ most underrated craft beer is Heavy Riff Brewing Company (6413 Clayton Avenue) with 54.22 percent of the vote. The brewery opened in September 2013 and released its first beer, the "Velvet Underbrown," a few weeks later.

"I’ve heard from people who don’t like dark beers that they like it. It just has that easy taste profile," Heavy Riff co-owner Justin Saffell tells Gut Check. "I could see how a brown ale could be underrated, because it doesn’t get the recognition of say, a Belgian-style beer. It’s an underrated style."

Saffell is pleasantly surprised to have won the readers’ poll, because 2nd Shift, Civil Life and Crown Valley aren’t underrated in his mind -- they’re great.

"It’s really nice to be recognized, especially with those other breweries, because those guys are making great beer all year round," he says. "Hopefully people are still coming in our doors and it continues to get better."

Look out for the release of two new brews at Heavy Riff next week: a pale ale called "American Slang" and an Irish red called "Raglan Irish Red." They’ll be on draft at Heavy Riff, and Saffrell says "American Slang" will probably join "Velvet Underbrown" on draft at Seamus McDaniel’s.

"We really appreciate all the support so far. [Customers] have really made us feel like we belong here in the beer community, and the rest of Dogtown made us feel welcome," Saffell says. "We’re just chugging along -- hopefully people will come out for St. Patrick’s Day!"

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beers 8333 º places 152 º 15:15 Mon 3/3/2014

They are in a location that should really work for them. It is the Irish section of St. Louis and those Irishmen do like their beer! I have not been to Heavy Riff yet but keep hearing great things about it. It is definitely on my short list for places to visit. St. Patricks Day is coming and that would be a great stop while watching the parade.

beers 5283 º places 307 º 16:07 Mon 3/3/2014

Great place and a great location. Have visited once, and will go back again and again. Really looking forward to more beers from them.

beers 7501 º places 26 º 10:06 Fri 3/7/2014

Hope the best for this guys. Really like the Velvet Underbrown and the vanilla coffee version even better. Will be nice when they have more of their own product available. The guest taps are nice, but I’d rather have the beer they brew when I’m there.

beers 11916 º places 647 º 11:38 Fri 3/7/2014

Yeah, that’s a great place. Went in over Thanksgiving and they only had Velvet Underbrown on tap, but the guest taps were great. Nice atmosphere, very low-key, good people. I’m a fan.

beers 1657 º places 358 º 13:10 Fri 3/7/2014

It’s a damn nice beer but clearly they had lots of friends stuff the ballot. Because everyone knows that Civil Life’s English Pale Ale is the city’s most underrated beer, with a very slight lead over 2nd Shift Katy.

beers 11916 º places 647 º 13:54 Fri 3/7/2014

I don’t know if Katy is ’underrated’ - that stuff flies off shelves these days.

Everything about The Civil Life is underrated, though, which is almost by design, the way those guys go about their business. I sorely miss not being able to get TCL American Brown on tap everywhere.