your ratings are now charted by style. explore your history in a new way.

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Very neat. I found it interesting that sours for me tend to go in big spurts. I can basically pick out the months that featured either a big tasting, or a festival.

Ice’d cider is even more amusing since it’s 1-3 a month for a while, then there’s a month with 30+ due to the Mondial, then 1-3 again, then another 20 something a year later at the next Mondial.

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Originally posted by puzzl
Is the only way to go back to the general total to refresh the page? Also, I can select "-- view style --."

Would it be possible to see totals for each column by mousing over them? A piece of functionality in the old version of this that people have been requesting in the new one for years.

One of the more interesting trends I noticed in my ratings was how many more imperial stouts I rated in winter months. Very consistent, though it was consciously done.

Thanks for doing this.

show all styles works now without a page refresh.

as for totals on mouseover, that’s been tricky for some time now, but I keep going back to the code now and then to try to get it to work.

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Good job on this one!

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132 rated strong lagers but only 2 this year. What is going on???