Your Super Bowl Food and Drink?

Reads 1753 • Replies 19 • Started Sunday, February 5, 2017 9:38:42 AM CT

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beers 2449 º places 57 º 09:38 Sun 2/5/2017

Like the Olympics, I never miss the Super Bowl and I make an occasion of it whenever possible. Last year we went out to an Irish Pub for the big game, this year we are staying in a partying with friends.

Food will be: Papa Murphy’s all meat Pizza, chili, chips and salsa, mixed nuts, pretzels, cheeze-its; and if that is not enough bratwurst and hot dogs are available. I may throw up.

Beers on had are New Glarus Belgian Red, Left Hand Smoke Jumper, Heady Topper, Left Hand Fade to Black, Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo, Wasatch Devastator, Ouray Bluegrass Pale Ale, Le Cumbre Malpais Stout, Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine and Odd 13 Samurye Warrior Pale.

beers 2072 º places 38 º 09:58 Sun 2/5/2017

Black and Tan hopslam and ten fidy for starters at kickoff

beers 8457 º places 152 º 10:17 Sun 2/5/2017

I plan to pass on the ball game but hope to be ticking beers in a brewery.

beers 2444 º places 104 º 10:48 Sun 2/5/2017

The Cambridge House is having a party for the mug club members. Lots of good food and beer in the past, so no reason to think this year will be any different. We also have a bottle share where we bring something to share with everyone else. I’m bringing a 1L of a citra IPA that I just made.

beers 12274 º places 898 º 11:09 Sun 2/5/2017

Chicken Tikka and IPA’s.


beers 7 º places 1 º 11:28 Sun 2/5/2017

Korean short ribs and Bourbon glazed shrimp. Tons of apps, too many to list. Nugget Nectar and Pipeworks Fish Series beers with Funky Last Snow and cupcakes for dessert.

beers 6091 º places 412 º 11:49 Sun 2/5/2017

4 pack Newburgh Megaboss New England clam chowder, mini quiches, pepporni bread, cheese and crackers, BBQ mini hotdogs

Tea and biscuits.

beers 4304 º places 180 º 12:05 Sun 2/5/2017

Nothing special this year. Some bbq meatballs and a few Arkansas ticks my dad picked up for me last week at Lost Forty.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 12:13 Sun 2/5/2017

Biscuits and gravy along with some double IPa. Prob nap while the owl is on.

beers 12274 º places 898 º 12:20 Sun 2/5/2017

Chicken Tikka and IPA’s.