Your Super Bowl Food and Drink?

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beers 11264 º places 357 º 13:48 Sun 2/5/2017

Charcuterie, homemade mac & cheese, meatballs, deviled eggs, artichoke dip and pretzel bread, and salami rolls.

Just opened a Tired Hands Individuation: Florid and have a Free Will Cuvee Aigre, Free Will Peach Sour, and Tired Hands Pourison for later.

beers 1548 º places 115 º 14:41 Sun 2/5/2017

Grilled cheese bar, crab pretzels, smoked jerk wings, spring lettuce wraps, cinnamon pie.


beers 1287 º places 54 º 15:10 Sun 2/5/2017

Ratebeer Super Bowl Chatz:

beers 3472 º places 204 º 16:44 Sun 2/5/2017

What? No one having McRibs for the big game ??

beers 6479 º places 117 º 17:13 Sun 2/5/2017

What’s a super bowl?

beers 1208 º places 7 º 17:17 Sun 2/5/2017

Italirican is killing it!

Drinking Even More Jesus and Liquid Double Fudge. Leftover pizza, cashews, and probably some other shit.

beers 12210 º places 893 º 05:52 Mon 3/20/2017

I was at a Patriats supporting families party for the game, talk about a game of two halves.

Anyway, each guest was asked to prepare and bring their best meal offering. My daughter taking her Chicken Tikka, me the IPA’s. Others brought all sorts of stuff and we had a feast once the game finished, Malts coming out to toast the comeback. Half time was OK too.


beers 2449 º places 57 º 14:03 Mon 3/20/2017

Originally posted by adamnowek
What’s a super bowl?

a large soba bowl?

Its a US football game with a better than average halftime show and original commercials. The game is usually mediocre but last year was exceptional. Many private parties showcase decent food and beer, The day of the game is an unofficial ’merican holiday. questions?