Yuengling? Why do they still use green bottles for their lager when that skunks the beer?

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20:23 Mon 6/18/2012

I never drink any beer out of a green or clear bottle. It always taste skunky. Yuenglings other flavors come in brown bottles but they continue to put their lager flavor beer in a green bottle. I get it in a can or on draft if a available cause the bottled version is green. Whats up with that? Do they even care that theyre destroying their beer by putting in a green bottle?

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Some breweries sell more with a green bottle than good taste. Yuengling is one of those breweries. People who want non-skunky beer look elsewhere.

Itís actually something that annoys me more with people who should know better. While I was impressed to see that a local bodega had a display from a distributor with good stuff like Jai Alai - not usually found in bodegas - all the good stuff was on the top of the display getting a full blast of UV. The distributor, quite frankly, knows that this ruins IPA, and yet they do it anyway. Itís nuts, I tell ya.

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Drink them faster?

20:49 Mon 6/18/2012

Solution: Drink Yuengling in cans.

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Combine that with a lack of any clear bottled on or freshest by date, and itís a recipe for trouble. I get more "bad" bottles of Yuengling than any other beer. I kind of like the look of the green bottles with the darker beer inside, but with that combo having some way for the customer to date them becomes especially important.

And, in summation, Yuengling put a freaking bottled on date clearly printed (not in code) on your label (not on the bottle where it can smudge off). Thatís the A-1 thing that keeps me from buying more Yuengling- the lack of a bottled on or freshest by date. It doesnít keep me out of the Yuengling market completely, I think I have one bottle in my fridge right now left over from a 6 pack I bought earlier in the month. But I buy a lot less of it than I otherwise would.

BTW, as long as weíre talking green bottles- National Premium has a brown bottle and actually mentions *on the bottle label* that it has a brown label to protect the beer from being damaged by light. Seriously. First beer label Iíve ever seen that explains why it has a brown bottle. I think the Rate Beer crowd would get a kick out of that.

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"brown label" should have been "brown bottle" in my last post, obviously

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Originally posted by javit
Solution: Drink Yuengling in cans.


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The people that donít know any better think it is "exotic"...one reason why Corona went with clear bottles when deciding what to use when beer started getting shipped to America.

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So what exactly are you doing with the now two-threads worth of opinions on this topic youíve got?

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Ask them yourself.

If you buy time-sensitive beer without a date or in a non-brown bottle, then you have no one but yourself to blame, IMO.