Yuengling? Why do they still use green bottles for their lager when that skunks the beer?

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You don't like the beer, you don't buy the beer. Simple economics and even simpler common sense.

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Why Yuengling continues to use green bottles at all, especially with their expansive base (now throughout the entire east coast down to Florida) and college following, escapes me. Any cost savings from green glass is easily over-ridden by the skunking and negative consumer commentary surrounding the green glass.

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Granted I don't get the Yueng nearly as often as I used to, but when I do, it's either draft or cans. I gave up on the green bottles back in college.

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I was told it had something to do with maintaining tradition...something like that...

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Originally posted by drowland
...didn't read the rest of your BS.

Yes, God forbid anyone have a different opinion from you, or express their thoughts in more than two sentences.

I kept this reply short so that you could read it without overexerting your eyes. ;)

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Solution: Drink Yuengling in cans.


Plus, cans are cheaper. Win/win.

I've always thought the cans taste like crap compared to the bottles..maybe a side by side is in order. The 12packs and cases are in cardboard boxes, so light isn't an issue until you open it.

It all comes from the same recipe and tanks...

And one gets to sit in an aluminum can, which gives it a tinny taste. Do you think Budweiser is better out of a can, or keg too? That would be another macro beer that is more tolerable in bottle format, superior to the can or keg in my opinion.

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Yuengling is on the shelf long enough to worry about a bottling date?

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Also after drinking Yuengling for 5 years out of cans and bottles, I've never had a skunked Yuengling.

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Originally posted by keanex
Also after drinking Yuengling for 5 years out of cans and bottles, I've never had a skunked Yuengling.

It's so nasty I just assumed it was all skunked.

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I don't see anyone complaining when they have to drink Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Girardin, and Fantome out of green bottles...