Claim Your Business At RateBeer

You can claim your business at RateBeer if you are an owner, operator, manager and/or other person verifiably charged with maintaining information on the RateBeer website.

Anyone managing business information at RateBeer must have a RateBeer account and must be signed in to edit information.

1. Get Started

2. Search For Your Business

After signing in, you need to look up your business using search which is available from every page on the RateBeer website.
RateBeer search

3. Go To Your Business Page

Find your business in the search results. You may have more than one page at RateBeer. For instance, if you own a brewpub you will have a page for your brewery and a page for your retail business, even if they are at the same address.
RateBeer brewers RateBeer places

4. Affiliate Your Account

Then after clicking through to your business page, locate the text "Are you affiliated with this..." and click it.
RateBeer affiliate places RateBeer claim breweries

5. Agree To The Terms

Read the text on this page thoroughly and follow instructions to affiliate yourself with your business.
affiliate yourself or claim

6. Repeat, If Necessary

Repeat to affiliate yourself with your brewery or retail page, if necessary.