RateBeer API Agreement

By using the RateBeer API, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

User Privacy
Whether or not you use the API in part or not at all to extract this data, you are not allowed to store the contents of a user's beer or place ratings without explicit permission from the user. If you store the content, you must provide a clear privacy policy to inform the user how their data will be used and you must provide the user with a way to remove the stored data. You may not republish any user's ratings (even anonymously) without permission from the user.

Use of RateBeer's content requires acknowledgement in a visible, readable form on a) every page that returns RateBeer data , and b) on your application's "splash"/introductory page or header. The smallest area on a page that references and acknowledges RateBeer is required to be at least 100 x 16 pixels. "Data source: RateBeer", "Beer scores provided by RateBeer", "Beer data by RateBeer" and "beer data source: ratebeer" are all just fine.

Your application's name cannot have 'RateBeer', 'Rate Beer' or 'RateBeer LLC' as a part of it's name. It must be clear to users that your application is provided by you/your company and not RateBeer.

Unathorized Re-Use/Non-competition
The beer space is big and we do whatever we can to help other businesses in the beer space. Please talk to us. We love to help. The API however is not intended as a method for data miners to create competitor sites and services. Our admins and users have worked many years to develop this data and frown on this. It's a big place. Have fun. Don't try to replicate what we do. If you're allowing beer ratings, allow RateBeer users to enter those ratings into the site through the API.

Commercial Use
The API can be used by both free and commercial apps. Commercial apps do require either a $0.50 fee per unit sale or inclusion of mobile ads using RateBeer's Google AdSense ID. Free apps have no such requirement.

We trust that you will provide accurate tallies of sales. Send what you owe on a monthly basis by either donation to RateBeer, or by a check (details here). Commercial apps failing to properly compensate RateBeer for sales may result in suspension of API key and/or legal action.

Licensee agrees that RateBeer shall have no liability whatsoever for any use Licensee makes of the APIs. Licensee shall indemnify and hold harmless RateBeer from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and fees (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from Licensee's use of the APIs.

Abuse And Termination
Heavy and/or abusive use of the API that results in service and performance issues RateBeer, repurposing of RateBeer content or data for unauthorized use or any violation of this agreement will result in the termination of your developer key. RateBeer reserves the right to deny service at any time without notice.

RateBeer may make changes to this agreement at any time without notice.