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**-- The RateBeer JSON API is currently unavailable. --**

    Some fun things to do with the API
  • Find interesting bars and beer stores around your geo points
  • Get beer scores on any beer in our database
  • Find a sample of beers available at a bar or beer shop
  • Search for beers by UPC code
  • Search for brewers
  • Rate beers remotely (logged users only)
  • Read your beer mails (logged users only)
  • And much more

All users of the API agree to read and follow the rules.

More information on the RateBeer JSON API.
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**-- The RateBeer JSON API is currently unavailable. --**

Let me know if you've made something cool. We'd like to show it off too! Additionally, if you'd like for us to extend the API or wish to work more closely with us to develop the best possible app, please .