Burg Bieren Bierwinkel

Putterweg 45
Ermelo, Netherlands 3851 GB
bottle shop (Burg Bieren)  4.65/5.0 42 reviews
Mon 13-18:30 Tue-Thu 09:30-18:30 Fri 09:30-21:00 Sat 09:00-17:00 Sun: Closed

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Mayor: caesar (24) | Taps: 0 | Bottles: 2000
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Beers At Burg Bieren Bierwinkel

Galway Bay Hexed8.5%12/5/2017
Galway Bay Banished Sun8%12/5/2017
Galway Bay Of Foam and Fury8.5%12/3/2017
Uiltje Mind The Gap19.8%12/3/2017
Kees Sunturn12%12/1/2017
Sakiškių Gin & Tonic IPA5.1%12/1/2017
Kees / Alvinne Roxanne Bloody IPA7.5%11/30/2017
Lindemans Faro4.5%11/30/2017
Kees 50K IPA9.4%11/29/2017
Lervig / Oud Beersel Black Acid8.5%11/29/2017
Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale8.5%11/27/2017
Naparbier / La Quince Hamabost9%11/27/2017
961 Red Ale5.5%11/26/2017
La Pirata / Laugar Heavy Trooper8.5%11/26/2017
Uiltje Mind Your Step14.5%11/25/2017
Uiltje Rice Rice Baby8.2%11/25/2017
Uiltje RE:RE:CC Porter7.8%11/24/2017
Uiltje Peat The Scotchman6.2%11/23/2017
Uiltje / Sori Pine and Needles8.4%11/22/2017
Uiltje Grandma's Cooking Recipes Vol. 2 - Lemon & Vanilla Cheesecake Wit Beer5.5%11/21/2017
Uiltje Bite Of Lime5.5%11/20/2017
Uiltje Tettnang Groene Tanktop4.6%11/19/2017
Uiltje / North Brewing Sanguinello3.7%11/16/2017
Uiltje Crybaby Passionfruit Edition2.7%11/15/2017
Uiltje Crybaby2.4%11/14/2017
Borg Surtur Nr. 4710%10/25/2017
Aviator Devils Tramping Ground Tripel9.2%10/25/2017
Oak & Dagger Coole Beans Coffee Brown Ale5.7%10/25/2017
Põhjala Cellar Series - Öö XO11.5%10/24/2017
Borg Surtur Nr. 8.513.2%10/22/2017
Orpheus Transmigration of Souls10%10/22/2017
Borg Surtur Nr. 309%10/22/2017
Lonerider Hoppy Ki Yay6.6%10/22/2017
Lonerider Roze5.4%10/22/2017
De Cam Kriek Lambiek6.5%10/21/2017
Aviator Black Mamba6.3%10/21/2017
Aviator HogWild IPA6.7%10/21/2017
Lonerider Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen5.3%10/21/2017
Oak & Dagger When Life Gives You Hops4%10/21/2017
Oskar Blues Ten FIDY10.5%10/2/2017
WRCLW Rye RIS Bourbon BA10.2%9/7/2017
Mikkeller 黑 / Black15.7%9/3/2017
Gadds Bretthead 5%8/7/2017
Gooische Oak Aged Bertus8%8/5/2017
Lervig / Hoppin' Frog Sippin' Into Darkness12%7/23/2017
Westbrook Siberian Black Magic Panther12%7/23/2017
Grutte Pier Kracht in de Nacht10%7/22/2017
Broughton Old Jock Ale (Bottle)6.7%7/22/2017
Dutch Bargain Imperial Russian Stout11.5%7/15/2017
Põhjala Pime Öö13.6%7/12/2017
Omnipollo / Dugges Anagram Blueberry Cheesecake Stout12%7/9/2017
Burg Ouwe Veluwse Kers6%7/9/2017
The Kernel Export Stout London 18646.4%7/8/2017
Wild Beer Billionaire10%7/4/2017
The Sisters Honey7.9%6/30/2017
Lindemans Blossom Gueuze5.5%6/30/2017
Kees Imperial Stout 185012.4%6/28/2017
Slot Oostende Straffe Non6.5%6/28/2017
Het Nest Four Aces Barley Wine9%6/24/2017
Põhjala Must Kuld - Colombia7.8%6/21/2017
Buxton Anglo-Belgique6.8%6/21/2017
Rockmill Coffeecat6.5%6/18/2017
Crooked Spider Willem V.05%6/18/2017
Uiltje Little Black Dress8.8%6/17/2017
Penose Haring Arie7.5%6/16/2017
Black {C}8%6/16/2017
Põhjala Kalana8%6/16/2017
Burg Verschrikkelijk Stout11%6/13/2017
Wild Beer Millionaire4.7%6/13/2017
De Heidebrouwerij Everzwijn Tripel8.5%6/10/2017
De Gieterij Quadrupel10%6/10/2017
De Kromme Haring Barbarian Fishing8%6/10/2017
Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven Naar de Knoppen5.6%6/9/2017
Vandeoirsprong Zwickel5%6/9/2017
Beerbliotek Session IPA Citra Motueka 3.5%3.5%6/9/2017
Partizan Imperial Stout - V210%6/9/2017
Põhjala Cellar Series - Rukkivein12.9%6/8/2017
La Pirata Lab Nº 004 Fruit IPA7%6/8/2017
Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout5.8%6/8/2017
Oakshire Watershed IPA6.7%6/8/2017
Rockmill Mystery7%6/7/2017
Jopen Many-Faced Got (Aged in Red Wine Barrels)10.5%6/6/2017
Engel Keller-Hell5.2%6/6/2017
Jopen Lazy Sunday Morning11%6/5/2017
Galway Bay Full Sail5.8%6/5/2017
Amager La Santa Muerte10%6/4/2017
Rigtersbier WIPA5.3%6/3/2017
Arnulfus Dubbel6.5%6/3/2017
M-bier Espresso Bock7.2%6/3/2017
Keuvel Dubbel7.6%6/3/2017
Het Nest Four Aces Black IPA7%5/31/2017
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA6.2%5/30/2017
Galway Bay Althea4.8%5/28/2017
La Pirata Lab Nº 005 NEIPA7%5/28/2017
Rockmill Juicy Delight6.5%5/28/2017
Yeastie Boys Bigmouth4.4%5/28/2017
Magic Rock Fantasma6.5%5/28/2017
Rockmill Maverick4.7%5/28/2017
Berne Prior Dubbel8%5/28/2017
Duustere Gringel7.5%5/28/2017

  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
Boudicca  (1232) London, England | July 14, 2013| Updated October 12, 2013
Burg Bieren is a treasure trove with one of the best selections of beers I’ve seen. They have beers from all over the world but it was the extensive selection of bottles from small Dutch breweries that really drew us. There’s parking right outside so transport isn’t an issue if you’re travelling by car; the only problem we had was prioritising what to buy as they don’t take foreign credit or debit cards – a visit to the cashpoint before you go to the shop is recommended! The shop is in a bright and airy barn-like building with upturned parasols on the ceiling and an upstairs loft with just about everything a home brewer might need. The small brewery is to one side and has a wooden clad copper and two fermenters on display. I think it can also be accessed from a kitchen area in the shop which looked as if it was in use for weighing out ingredients on an old fashioned set of scales. (Last visited 1 October 2013).
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
Fin  (1176) Merton, Oxfordshire, England, England | October 7, 2012
We visited here on Tuesday 2nd October 2012. I must say thus place has a mightily impressive selection with beers from the United States and the UK complimenting an already hugely impressive Belgian & Dutch selection. The USA beers featured Lost Abbey and Great Divide along with a larger selection of well priced Anderson Valley and Flying Dog beers. The Emelisse selection was particularly good but then so was Brewdog with Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismarck on the shelf alongside more familiar beers in the range. Prices were also excellent and the layout of the shop was also well thought out and nicely done. Beware that Credit Cards and also Visa not accepted, shopping in many places in Holland tends to be very frustrating for this reason. I had to leave my beers on the counter and go to an ATM to arrange payment in cash. Please also check dates on beers, I didn’t and have now noticed that the Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti is past its date by 2-3 months, not a huge issue with this stout but if an IPA I wouldn’t have been happy when paying over 11 Euros, otherwise this is an excellent place and if in a larger place such as Rotterdam or Amsterdam it would be better known and likely the top of the tree.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 15/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 16/20
imdownthepub  (1156) Banbury, England | December 18, 2011
Excellent store with easy parking in this small town. Big ranges of Netherlands beers plus specials from top Brewers like Mikkeller, Brewdog and the like. Great service and advice. Top notch.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
chriso  (720) London, England | July 3, 2013| Updated July 2, 2014
Shop cum warehosue type affair. If you are looking for a huge range of beers from Dutch micros it’s hard to think there can be too many better places, if any. Also lots of Belgian beers and other international stuff, although I can’t say I looked at them at all. They now advertise over 1200 beers. Parking right outside. Helpful and friendly staff. Prices were reasonable but not the cheapest. If you are a visitor from outside the country, make sure you take plenty of cash as they don’t accept credit cards. Otherwise absolutely top notch. You’ll also get vouchers for free beers (including those from their own brewery) at the bar next door but I’ve never managed to use them as the bar has not been open when I’ve visited the shop.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 6/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 15/20
pivnizub  (575) Bochum, Por�ř�, Germany | April 20, 2009
Decent selection of Dutch, Belgian And U.S.A. brews plus some beers from Germany and the U.K. Not the cheapest shop on earth, but well assorted and interesting........... Worth a detour!
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 16/20
caesar  (390) Bunnik/Utrecht, Netherlands | December 5, 2012
Strange I didnt rate this place yet? It’s most likely renamed, merged, deleted or whatever. Anyway, decent place. Large warehouse with good showing of the bottles. Big selection of belgians and lots of local Dutch brews. The occasional obligatory US or scandinavian beer. No rares or whales. But selection of Dutch brews is outstanding. Decent service. Prices are very reasonable. Good shop.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
vipinvelp  (379) Velp, Netherlands | August 19, 2012
Finally made it to this shop and was surpirsed by the amount of beers on stock, over 750, including their own brand. Good knowledgeable service. Will return for sure.
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 6/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 6/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
bierkoning  (349) La Tropica/Doarp, Netherlands | December 5, 2012
Lots of beers on offer, extremely well assorted in Dutch beers. Not cheap, but affordable. Worth a detour.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
Borresteijn  (290) Zaandam, Netherlands | September 2, 2016
Visited on a Thursday afternoon. Huge store along the main road of Ermelo. Few parking spaces in front of the store. The store itself reminds me of Belgian drankenhallen, huge warehouses with crates of beer on the floor, single bottles on the shelves above. Enormous selection of Belgian, Dutch (lots of small breweries) and American beers, some English stuff, and contemporary popular stuff from the Baltics. Well laid out, collabs are displayed next to both their brewers on the shelves, prices are decent. Spent about an hour strolling around ending up spending way too much money. At least I got a free beer at Hazeburg (the bar next door) for spending >€25 at the bottle shop. Only downside is that quite a few beers seemed to be near BB date, guess that comes with a huge range like theirs. Recommended when in the area.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 13/20
skortila  (290) Baarn, Netherlands | July 14, 2005
Decent selection of belgian, german and english brews. Quite a large store. Nice pub nextdoor where they have the beers on tap they brew inside the store (!). It is actually a brewstore rather than a store with a brewpub. :)

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