Cigar City Brewing

Mayor: hopscotch (14) | Taps: 26 | Bottles: 5
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Beers At Cigar City Brewing

Cigar City Arch Duke Chocula11.8%11/5/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout11.8%11/5/2018
Cigar City Xenu Honey Cream Ale5%11/5/2018
Cigar City / Mikkeller Life is Like ...15%11/5/2018
Cigar City Criminal Comission13.7%11/4/2018
Cigar City Formal Goatee4.9%11/4/2018
Cigar City Florida Man9.3%11/4/2018
Cigar City Humidor Series India Pale Ale7.5%11/4/2018
Cigar City Candy Corn IPA7.5%11/4/2018
Cigar City Cubano Expresso with Coffee, Cocoa Nibs and Lactose5.5%11/4/2018
Cigar City In Bed by Nine6.5%11/4/2018
Cigar City Tony Jannus Pale Ale5%11/4/2018
Cigar City Tremendously Wet6.5%11/4/2018
Cigar City / Mikkeller Nielsbohrium10%10/17/2018
Cigar City Good Gourd Have Mercy0%10/11/2018
Cigar City Caffè Americano Double Stout (Bourbon Barrel-Aged)12.9%10/10/2018
Cigar City Coconut Marshall Zhukov11.2%10/10/2018
Cigar City Bourbon Barrel-aged Sugarcoat12.6%10/10/2018
Cigar City Moat Water Barrel Aged 10.6%10/10/2018
Cigar City Königsberg11.2%10/10/2018
Cigar City Bourbon Barrel-Aged Common Fate13.5%10/10/2018
Cigar City Bolita Double Nut Brown Ale - Double Barrel Aged12.3%10/9/2018
Cigar City Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Cyclopaedia12.2%10/9/2018
Cigar City Raspberry Halo - Bourbon Barrel Aged13.6%10/9/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Florida-style Imperial Stout12.6%10/9/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Penultimate Push - Bourbon Barrel13%10/9/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout - Double Barrel-aged 201712%10/9/2018
Cigar City Kalevipoeg at the Gates of Hell - Rum Barrel13.5%9/15/2018
Cigar City Tocobaga Red Ale7.2%9/11/2018
Cigar City Warmer Winter Winter Warmer10%9/11/2018
Cigar City Kalevipoeg Baltic Porter9%9/10/2018
Cigar City Sea Bass - Oak Barrel Aged8%9/9/2018
Cigar City Papaya India Pale Ale7.5%9/9/2018
Cigar City / Mikkeller Bohr10%9/5/2018
Cigar City Vuja De9.96%9/5/2018
Cigar City / Mikkeller Dirac10%9/5/2018
Cigar City Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale5.5%9/4/2018
Cigar City Imperial Stout Aged in Cinnamon Whiskey Barrels 0%8/6/2018
Cigar City Loko Love Brunch Stout7%7/31/2018
Cigar City Cherry Grove7.9%7/26/2018
Cigar City Jai Alai India Pale Ale7.5%7/20/2018
Cigar City / TRVE Whateley Family Farmhouse Ale5.2%7/16/2018
Cigar City Taddy Mason's IPA7%6/23/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Penultimate Push11%6/17/2018
Cigar City Torcedores Series Space Pope7.3%6/17/2018
Cigar City Lactobacillus Raspberry Grove 7.2%6/2/2018
Cigar City Argumentum ad Populum13.7%5/28/2018
Cigar City I Have Enough Friends8.7%5/27/2018
Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai India Pale Ale7.5%4/15/2018
Cigar City Trousseau12.3%4/10/2018
Cigar City Sardo Numspa11.5%4/3/2018
Cigar City Tangelo Galaxy Citra Pale Ale5.5%3/29/2018
Cigar City OJ IPA7.5%3/29/2018
Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout11%3/29/2018
Cigar City Lemon Raspberry Cranberry Belgian-Style White Ale5.5%3/29/2018
Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Caramel Macchiato10.2%3/27/2018
Cigar City Brown Eyed Blue6%3/27/2018
Cigar City Smores Brown Ale5.5%3/27/2018
Cigar City Hops Series Pale Ale #1 : Grüngeist5.8%3/27/2018
Cigar City Margarita Gose3.4%3/27/2018
Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout w/ Maple12%3/27/2018
Cigar City Invasion Pale Ale5%3/27/2018
Cigar City / Struise Absolutely Okay12.9%3/25/2018
Ecliptic / Cigar City Ellipsing The Sun9%3/23/2018
Cigar City After Sesh Lager4.5%3/22/2018
Cigar City Gasparilla Music Festival Pilsner4.2%3/22/2018
Cigar City 110K+OT Batch #6 11%3/22/2018
Cigar City Lactobacillus Mango Grove 0%3/16/2018
Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Rum Barrel Aged11%3/15/2018
Cigar City Cafe Con Leche Stout6%3/2/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel14.1%2/11/2018
Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged14.6%2/11/2018
Cigar City Hop Series 2 Southern Passion IPA7.2%1/30/2018
Cigar City Outskirts14.5%1/19/2018
Cigar City Pilot Series CCB Porter6%1/16/2018
Cigar City Cappuccino Bern’s Milk Stout with Coffee5.3%1/16/2018
Cigar City Ybor Bock5.1%1/16/2018
Cigar City Hop Series DIPA Galaxy & Enigma 8.9%1/16/2018
Cigar City 1821 Golden Ale5.5%1/16/2018
Cigar City Stiftung Berliner Weisse3%1/16/2018
Cigar City Guayabera Citra Pale Ale5.5%1/16/2018
Cigar City Florida Cracker White Ale5%1/16/2018
Cigar City Tampa-Style Lager4.5%1/16/2018
Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout- Apple Brandy Barrel w/Vanilla Beans13.2%1/10/2018
Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale - Chocolate Coconut5.5%1/7/2018
Cigar City / Swamp Head Slow as Molasses10.6%1/2/2018
Cigar City Good Gourd Almighty - Bourbon Barrel8.5%12/21/2017
Cigar City Lorem Ipsum11%12/14/2017
Cigar City Raspberry Halo10.7%12/10/2017
Cigar City Cheers!10%12/7/2017
Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Mixed Berry11%12/4/2017

  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 10/10
  • SELECTION 11/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 18/20
Ibrew2or3  (353) Tempe, Arizona | September 6, 2009
Easy access brewery right off I275. The wrongly assumed taboo of growlers is de-bunked here. You can consistently get 32 oz or under or 128oz or over of core beers. You can get new treatments almost weekly. No A/C at the moment means hot to sticky conditions 8 months out of the year. Gracious owner/host/brewer, amazing head brewer and tremendous community make this place very special. Oh, almost forgot, the beer is world class too.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 9/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
thorongil2  (176) , Ontario | November 25, 2018
Large darkish space, indifferent decour; thankfully not too crowded on weekday mid afternoon; worth visiting for the great beer alone; service varies from indifferent to great; despite opinions to the contrary still the best beer around here
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 4/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
mcberko  (1776) Vancouver, British Columbia | August 24, 2018
Feels like a tired old place at this point. Long tasting room, with two separate bars, the one at the back being the main one. 23 house taps when I visited, with 5 oz pours available, priced the beer—which can get pricey, anywhere from $2-6. Nonchalant and impersonable, rushes service, but decent enough. Beer is as you’d expect from these veterans - they know what they’re doing. There’s a fridge of vintage rarity bottles for onsite consumption with all sorts of goodies, but you’d need many friends and a deep wallet for it. Kind of a mandatory visit when in Tampa, but there are better breweries here at this point.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 6/10
  • OVERALL 14/20
ads135  (364) Omaha, Nebraska | June 7, 2018
A decent taphouse if a but overcrowded. Pretty efficient service despite the press. Quite a few of their own beers on tap.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
Guruhso  (39) Grindsted, Denmark | April 13, 2018
A couple of bars and a rather hugh apparel/items shop between. About 20 Taps and some rare Cellar bottles to drink in-house and about 10 go-to bottles.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 9/10
  • OVERALL 19/20
alexsdad06  (66) West Chester, Ohio | May 12, 2017
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
47574xeCD  (74) Coventry, England | May 3, 2017
Visited 1st May afternoon. Had 12 samples ending on an impy stout and left a tad impressed. Excellent beer excellent choice. Was tempted with the Huna bottles but $50 for the risk of it bursting in the suitcase home didn’t appeal! Fantastic place.
  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 15/20
Mathieu87  (346) Brussels, Belgium | April 11, 2017
I’ll always remember this place because I got to spend way to few time in here, and because it was some sort of a disappointment. We were here the night before Huna day, so.... we did expect at least a few more special beers on draught. Had a quick Jai Alai and bought some bar stuff;
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 6/10
  • OVERALL 16/20
Rastacouere  (701) Montreal, Quebec | March 11, 2017
Large place, perhaps conveniently located near the airport. Typical very successful craft brewery tasting room: lots of merch, a ton of beers on tap, crowded. Your appreciation of the place will depend on your appreciation of their beers really, because if it weren’t for these liquid treasures, you would likely not be here. Friendly, authentic service and beer geek / touristic crowd.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 10/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 9/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
gnoff  (775) Göteborg, Sweden | February 15, 2017
Latest visit early afternoon Tuesday February 7, 2017. Our last stop before heading to Tampa airport.
Found some parking just ourside, but the lot across the stret is available as well.
Plenty of people in there even with the fairly early hour we visited. Got a few flights and browsed the merch area. Nice and fast service, no problem opening up a tab and order short pours that wasn’t in the flights. Very nice place that I lvoe every time I visit. Well worth going out of your way for!

Visit back again on January 24 and 25, 2014.
On 24th had Justin show me around the place and boy has it grown since 2011! Also sampled two beers. On the 25th with a group of friends, I got two sample flights and also had some of what my mates ordered. Nice big place now with two bars, growlers, bigger gift shop than before. The small parking outside they have outgrown but now have excess parking on the other side of the road. Very nice place, plenty of beers to choose from. I like it a lot!

First visits:
Visited January 21, 2011. Nice to be able to tour the brewery, then sit down with a few sampler trays and taste a lot of the beers. Very good service and friendly brewers. I can fully recommend it for sure!
Went back one more time end of January and can just say it’s a great place with a cool crew that you sould visit if you have the chance.
  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 10/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 10/10
  • OVERALL 19/20
jb  (228) Rochester, New York | February 12, 2017
Good time here. Really great prices, good service, offered tastes when they were worried you might not like style, nice takeout cooler filled with good stuff and plenty of great taps. Really, nothing missing.

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